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Introducing... iXpress on Saturdays!
As promised, the iXpress will bring you more during 2007! Saturday started June 30 2007 and now new evenings and Sunday service starting September 4th, 2007.

Look for new shelters at the SmartCentres (formerly Bridgecam) stations! This Cambridge shopping centre is now sporting the unique, state-of-the-art iXpress shelters. And there’s more! Bike lockers are now available for lease at the Ainslie and Charles stations. If you’re an avid biker, be sure to apply for your lease before the weather warms!

Coming soon... digital real-time displays at the iXpress stations, a new telephone information system, and a web-based trip planner. You will be able to plan your transit trips - on the iXpress and all other GRT routes - with a click of your mouse! If you haven’t yet tried the iXpress, what are you waiting for? Check out the route and schedule today!

A little background
The Region of Waterloo was selected as one of eight municipalities across the country to receive funds from Transport Canada. The Region is eligible for up to $3 million in funding, one-third the development cost of the iXpress service. The Region submitted the idea of a Central Transit Corridor Express bus service to Transport Canada’s Urban Transportation Showcase Program (UTSP) in Spring 2003. The UTSP is a five-year program created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in Canadian cities.

Regional growth
The iXpress bus service is a key component of the Region of Waterloo’s Growth Management Strategy. Regional Council developed this strategy in 2001 to plan how future residential and employment growth should occur. As one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, the Region of Waterloo plans to develop the community efficiently - in a way that allows community members to travel by public transit, by cycling and by walking.

In the future
The iXpress bus service will build ridership in the Central Transit Corridor (CTC) to support a rapid transit system. In the future, you will travel along the CTC and connect to GRT bus routes, intercity bus services, GO Transit and the VIA rail line. iXpress is one component in the development of a rapid transit system that will revitalize our downtown areas, improve our economic vitality and enhance our quality of life.

The iXpress route and stations were selected based on feedback from current and future GRT riders. This route allows a service that is both convenient and efficient - one that best serves our community.

Look for the unique iXpress signs at the 13 stations, including our existing terminals at Conestoga Mall, Charles St., Fairview Mall, Cambridge Centre and Ainslie St.

The iXpress runs Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. on a 15-minute frequency during morning and afternoon rush hour and a 30-minute frequency during the midday and evenings up to 11:00 pm. Saturdays 7:30 am - 7:30 pm and Sundays 10:00 am to 6:30 pm .

The iXpress is much more than just a fast bus route. Watch for new shelters, real-time customer information and web-based trip planning - all coming soon!

Transit priority
Transit priority measures are in place to help our buses move along the route more quickly. Fifteen key intersections have transit priority signals to make your iXpress trip faster.

iXpress stations
The iXpress stations give you convenient access to the new route by connecting existing GRT routes, walking and cycling. These stations are marked by unique iXpress signs. Coming soon - a new style of shelter with digital signs giving you the actual arrival time of your next bus. Select stations will also have map displays, bike racks and bike lockers.
Improved access
Walking routes to key iXpress stations have been reviewed and improved for riders of the iXpress service. Additional links to the Regional Cycling Network will be provided for cyclists, and bike racks are now on all GRT buses. So it’s even easier to combine walking, cycling and transit!

Web-based trip planning
Watch for a new way of trip planning at Soon you will be able to select your departure point, your destination, the date and time of your planned trip, and the maximum distance you would like to walk. The web trip planner will display the best route for you, including bus stop locations and schedule information. You will be able to plan your transit trip for a time and location that is most convenient for you!

How many stations are along the iXpress route? Where exactly are the stations?
There are 13 stations along the route, from North Waterloo to South Cambridge. They are:

Conestoga Mall (transit terminal)
McCormick (Parkside Dr & Cedarbrae Ave)
R & T Park (Research & Technology Park - Hagey Rd)
U Waterloo (stops Davis Centre - going to Conestoga Mall and Ainslie St. termina)
Laurier (University & Hazel)
Uptown Waterloo (Waterloo Town Square - King St)
Grand River Hospital (King St)
Charles Terminal
Ottawa (Charles St & Ottawa St)
Fairview (transit terminal)
SmartCentres (near Montana’s)
Cambridge Centre (transit terminal)
Ainslie Terminal

We have received many requests for additional stations along the iXpress route. While all requests will receive consideration, keep in mind that fewer stations make for a better express bus service!

How do I know if I’m at an iXpress station?
iXpress stations have different signs than regular GRT stops. The signs include the iXpress logo.

Can I get off the bus at any stop I want, or only at certain stops?
iXpress buses stop at iXpress stations only. This keeps the iXpress route fast and efficient. Please do not ask the operator to make a special stop.

How long does the iXpress take?
The amount of time will depend on which station you are travelling to. To travel the full route from the Ainslie Terminal to Conestoga Mall will take approx. 75 mins.

What are the hours of operation for the iXpress?
The iXpress runs Monday to Friday. Service begins at approx. 6:00am and ends at 11:00pm. It will run every 15 minutes during the morning and afternoon rush hours and every 30 minutes during the midday.
The iXpress runs Saturday with service from approx. 7:30am to 7:30pm. and Sundays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Will I be able to transfer from the iXpress to a regular GRT route?
Yes, you will be able to use GRT transfers to transfer to and from the iXpress. Ask the operator for a transfer when you board, as you would on any other route.

How much does taking the iXpress cost? Are the fares the same?
There is no extra charge for the iXpress service.

Are iXpress buses accessible for wheelchairs?
Yes, all of the iXpress buses are low-floor buses and are wheelchair accessible.

Does the iXpress have any special features?
Coming soon, the service will feature a Global Positioning System (GPS) based system that tracks where each bus is along the route. This information will be used to let riders at stations know when the next bus will arrive using a digital display. iXpress buses will also travel more efficiently with the use of transit priority signals and bus jump lanes at key intersections.