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I thought you may be interested in correspondance that I have been having with Mike Brown ( current keeper of the fantastic anomalies list, over the history of various takes of Real Love. It is fairly interesting and it would also be interesting if any of you have anything to add. This post is a collection of the EMails,slightly edited, so that they look nicer. Most of these takes are available on request from me. This post is almost exclusively written by Mike Brown, so you have him to thank for the most part.

Here's what I've got so far ... take numbers are iffy as I don't trust the boot they are on to be right (you'll see why). I'll try and use lyrics/format variations to describe the takes.

Real Love - The one you sent, announced as "take 1" (I have this on a boot tape as "Take 4". (doh!) Hence my doubt ...). This is definitely take 1. Mr Lennon said so at the start. :)

Song Format:

Real Love - called "take 5" - is it? If not, what is it? Lennon vocal/guitar recording

Song Format:

Real Love - called "Take 6". According to the book, Take 6 = Imagine,which this *isn't*. Doh! again.Lennon vocal/guitar recording

Song Format:

Real Love - called "Take 8" - I have two versions of this, one is an unknown take number. This is what I sent you. Lennon vocal/guitar recording

Song Format:

Real Love - "demo" - vocal/piano, but not the single. Lyrics are in a rushed metre, different to every other take. Sounds like he's trying to get all the words onto one line :)

Real Love - "Imagine" this is definitely the one off the soundtrack, I've checked, they phase.Vocal/guitar

Song Format:

According to Robertson, "Art & Music of John Lennon" Real Love was recorded in late 79 as 7 takes (instrumentation not specified), of which take 6 is the imagine soundtrack.(But this does not correspond with our findings) "Real Life/Girls And Boys" were guitar takesmade in early 80, unspecified number.

[And now, my addition]

On my recordings, I have one called take 4, which corresponds to the take 5 listed above. Similarly, my take 5 corresponds to the take 6 listed above. My take 7 was the same as the take 8 given to me by Mike Brown, except his version extended on longer, with more chords and arpeggios. I then sent him the following file, with the following description:

Real Love - un-numbered take

Vocal/piano/drums or tamourine or something

Double-tracked, with noticeable errors

Song Format:

[And his reply, after receiving the file]

Can confirm that *that* is the take the single was derived from. Notice on the "exactly where my life will go (go)" line in the *single* the word "go" and the piano fade very abruptly. Hmmm. Wonder why :) Also notice the one misplaced "yes" in the final "It's real love (yes) it's" which made it through to the single (there's a little "Hey" from Paul just after it! Nice touch ...) There's been some hefty slicing for timing purposes and structure changes but otherwise it's spot on. I also notice the "It's real" that leads into George's guitar solo has been "doctored" on the single, as the song changes key there. In this take, the final note tails through, whereas in the single it bends up (I think) to an appropriate note.

Well, there ya go. This was posted at the request of R. A. G. Seely, and with full permission from Mike Brown. I hope it interested you all. Maybe it'll make it onto Saki's hallowed library..........Additions and responses welcome,

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