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Words: Jason Round

There’s always something great about stuffing something massive where it doesn’t belong, and those boffins at Aussie-based Elfin have done just that with these handcrafted 50th Anniversary Streamliners.
Celebrating 50 years, the V8-powered Streamliners will all feature special features and come coated in a special mix entitled Cooper Gold after Elfin founder and Aussie racing driver Garrie Cooper.

Elfin’s sister company Walkinshaw Performance will be fitting the Anniversary models out with owner-specified superchargers, though every car will come with that scoop atop the hood just in case.

Power from the 5.7L Gen III V8 is expected to be boosted to at least 350kW at 5600rpm, with peak torque of about 660Nm at 4400rpm. The V8 Elfin is already classed as one of the fastest accelerating road cars in the world, but the special show-car version will have the capacity of reaching 100km/h in the 3sec bracket and shares the same power to weight ratio as a V8 Supercar.

Elfin Sports Cars CEO Chris Payne said the Elfin 50th Anniversary model would honour the vision of Garrie Cooper and the achievements of the company he created.

“Elfin is now the oldest continuous sports car maker in Australia, and the most successful,” he said. “Its efforts on the track, winning 29 championships and major Grand Prix titles, speak for themselves.

“Now backed by the power of Walkinshaw Performance, Elfin is going from strength to strength, with tremendous products, a newly appointed dealer network with representation in every state plus New Zealand and well-advanced plans for exports to the UK.”

“Garrie Cooper would have been thrilled to see his vision come so far. It’s the beginning of the process to make Elfin an international sports car brand. By 2008, we would hope to be exporting more vehicles than we sell domestically.

“Two Elfin MS8s have been air-freighted to the UK for export evaluation and sales homologation, and an office had been established at Chipping Norton, north of London.”

Elfin will have its own stand at this year’s Melbourne International Motor Show. The centre of attention will be the supercharged 50th Anniversary Elfin MS8 Streamliner, two of which have already been ordered by enthusiastic customers.

Unfortunately, you need some decent gold for the well, gold, with the MS8 rocking in at around $128,500. The supercharger will set you back another 12 smackers.

Check out the Elfin Website at www.elfin.com.au

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