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Powderfinger : Vulture Street

The Undercover Review

Powderfinger are not taking things lightly on their 5th album 'Vulture Street'. As track 1 so perfectly states, this album 'Rockin' Rocks'.

For 'Vulture Street' Powderfinger were under the production guidance of Nick DiDia, a veteran of hard rock albums for Papa Roach, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, The Offspring and Stone Temple Pilots.

Mixing was done by Brendan O'Brien, best known for his work with Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Limp Bizkit, Korn and Neil Young.

You may have heard the single 'On My Mind' on radio. That should give you an idea where this album picks up but we can tell you it is definitely no 'Odyssey # 5'.

It's great to hear one of Australia's greatest bands of the last decade get even better by not being afraid to reinvent themselves on the 6th album. The lead guitar work on 'Since You've Been Gone' is exception. 'Sunsets' slams in, 'Stumblin' is marvelously retro-electric reminding me of Bowie meets Iva Davies. They get bluesy on 'Roll Right By You' with a nice addition of harp. 'A Song Called Everything', the final moment for the album is probably the closest this album gets to their past.

Elsewhere there are some different styles. The acoustic 'Love Your Way' pulls right back to spotlight the vocal of singer Bernard Fanning.

Two songs however remind me of the man who originally came up with the name Powderfinger - Neil Young. There is no denying 'Don't Panic' is touched by his influence and 'How Far Have We Really Come' certainly echoes Neil in a mellow mood.

The haunting 'Pockets' makes for a perfect break, changing the atmosphere somewhat as well.

'Vulture Street' is equal to anything Powderfinger have done in the past. On their 6th album, they prove they are currently Australia's greatest band.

By Hector The Rock Dog

Track Listing

1. Rockin' Rocks
2. (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind
3. Since You've Been Gone
4. Love Your Way
5. Sunsets
6. Don't Panic
7. Stumblin'
8. Roll Right By You
9. How Far Have We Really Come?
10. Pockets
11. A Song Called Everything



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