Poets Against War continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression.

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Nancy Hill

46 years old

Nancy is a human, woman, mother, poet, writer, wife who lives in Tucson, AZ, USA and prays for peace.


there is no black and white
only shades of gray
and pink
we are all pink
when we open our mouths to speak
we are all pink of tongue
all born the same
emerged from pink lipped mothers
with groans and shouts of agony and joy
and dreams
hopes for a good life
let this child have a good long life
our minds have no color
though some see red
righteous red flashing rage red stop stop stop
the cycles of blood spilt upon blood
and green
greed as green as jealousy
wanting, taking more, more, always more

we must listen
spread a gentle open pink
hold our enemies tight to us
extend love to them
embrace them as we do our children
errant as they will be
our love is felt as fierce
by whole or broken hearts

we are we
the same
pink under the skin
pink eyes swollen from crying
pink lips swollen from loving
pink is life

no matter which eve was our mother
one in eden
or one of twelve around the world
she was pink
warm embracing pink
we are one race
the  human race
and pink under the skin

march 2003, nfhill    
dedicated to all the women around the world who work for peace

braided dreams

i dreamt of second planes diverted
of the world powers still suckling from milky towers
of wars ended
but not the one we are fighting
of oil never pumped for the patriarchy
of grassy knolls with gunshots never fired

impossible dreams
of resurrections of camelot
of peace

the mythic moments
real only in the other world
where fact fiction and logical conspiracy
live in balance
where competing realities
agreeably alternate
braid sleepy dreams
into the connecting fibers of companion worlds
a rapid cycling brigadoon
surfacing atlantis-like in undepleted oceans

if we all slept at once and dreamt the same dreams
would we awaken to a different world

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