The first Cake Race was held in 1911 and was open to all as a cross-country run.
  In 1913, wives of faculty members, Tech sweethearts and students' mothers baked cakes to give to the winners, thus the name.
  The early course was around the Atlanta Waterworks area and was between two and four miles in length, changing a bit from year to year.
  When George Griffin was the track coach, he scouted the race for team candidates, turning "country boys" into track athletes.
  In 1935, the Cake Race became a part of the Homecoming celebration and was compulsory for freshmen.
  In 1953, after women came to Tech, the co-eds were exempt but ran a 100-yard dash instead.
  In 1954, a Homecoming queen was elected and a kiss from her was an additional prize for the male freshman winner.
The winner receives his prize

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