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Australian Plant Name Index

The Australian Plant Name Index (APNI) is a list of all published names of Australian vascular plants and their bibliographic and typification details.

There is a facility to search for records in the active database that have a particular name or match a particular pattern. The pattern matching is based on the SQL database conventions, so that the character "%" is a wildcard for any string of characters and "_" is a wildcard for a single character.

The APNI database also contains the name records of the Census of Australian Vascular Plants (CAVP). CAVP names are flagged in APNI under the heading "Census". A "Y" indicates that the name is a currently accepted name; an "N" indicates that the name is not currently accepted.

The web versions of APNI are not case-sensitive and a trailing wild-card is assumed.

The distribution by state and by region within state follows the published version of the CAVP.

There is also click to use WIN What's Its Name? – a simplified and concise database of plant names and name changes for Australia.

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