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Please note for the two weeks beginning August 6th I will be on jury service. At this time the shop will be closed, but I intend to call in each evening. I may be at the shop at some time during these two weeks. Please phone 0114 255 3440 before making a special journey to see if I’m here.
The shop will be open on the Saturday as usual.

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Calow Classics.net
721 Abbeydale Road,
Sheffield S7 2BE
Tel (0114)255 3440

Tuesday - Saturday
9-30am - 5-00pm
Summer Saturdays closing at 3-00pm
closed Sunday and Monday
contact: Andrew Calow

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I'm Chip and Pin enabled.

I also do mail order.

You'll probably notice that this page has very little in the way of illustrations. Some of my other pages are well illustrated, so if you find that they take longer to load, that's the reason. Apologies in advance.

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Welcome to Calow Classics, Sheffield's home for the best in Classical CDs. When I first started buying Classical Music, there weren't such things as Classical CDs, everything was on LP, with the latest in technology being cassettes.

In 1992 when I started selling music for one of the major chains, we had the largest selection of Classical CDs available for sale that Sheffield had ever seen. (There may have been larger ranges of Classical CDs, but these were in private hands.) When I left there, it was one of the most successful departments for sales of Classical CDs on that chain, even though there were times when more space seemed to be devoted to soft toys than Classical CDs.

In 2000 I moved to another store which at that time had a department devoted to Classical CDs but in 2003 they decided not to have a separate department for Classical CDs. Once everything was lumped together, I soon realised that there was an opportunity for a shop devoted to Classical CDs, hence the opening in 2004 of Calow Classics, Sheffield's home for the best in Classical CDs.