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Jenny Morris interview

"Hit and Myth" is the latest release from Jenny Morris. Produced by Nick Wales from Sydney band Coda, the album has been described by the Sun Telegraph as "a perfect marriage of those Jenny Morris honeyed vocals and the electronica and acoustica of today".

Reviewing the album for Revolver magazine Zoltan Zavos wrote that "Hit and Myth is a beautifully melodic and sweetly introspective album swathed in minor chord progressions and showcasing both Morris' elegantly breathy vocals and the delicious production skills of Coda's Nick Wales. From the cascading first single "Downtime" to the clear grooves of "Killer Man", this is an album which becomes more interesting with every listen".

Jenny spoke recently about the album with Jane Costessi from Amrap and the interview is available in two parts for community radio stations to download and use on air or simply to listen to from the site.

A cue sheet is below with suggested intros and outros for those using it on air.

Hit and Myth" is the latest release from Jenny Morris. The album sees her working with producer Nick Wales from Sydney band Coda, and incorporating contemporary musical influences into her sound. Jane Costessi from Amrap spoke with Jenny about the album...

starts : "Could you sum up the essence..."
ends : "it was like a snowball effect."

Jenny Morris speaking with Jane Costessi from Amrap about her new album "Hit and Myth". The album is out on Yep Records through Undercover Music and is now available. You can find out more about Jenny at her web site

For Pt 2 of the interview click here

Amrap recommends Winamp for previewing.

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