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BBEdit’s Other Useful Features

More cool stuff you can use! From complete AppleScript support to spell checking. It’s the little things...:

  • Integrated language-aware spell checking with “Check Spelling as You Type’ Improved!
  • Extensively configurable key assignments—set keys for commands, Clippings, AppleScript and Unix scripts and filters Improved!
  • Hide infrequently used commands—or entire menus—to reduce complexity New!
  • Powerful Clippings system—store and insert frequently-used text items and custom tags; with menu-driven and key-bindable item selection; language-sensitive sets (sample C Source, CSS, HTML, Property List, RSS, Ruby, Ruby-in-HTML, and WML clippings sets supplied, with more contributed by the BBEdit user communityImproved!
  • Comprehensive AppleScript support: scriptable, recordable, and attachable
  • AppleScript palette—fast access to script actions
  • Integration with Super Get Info (if installed)
  • Support for a wide variety of BBEdit plug-ins
  • Plug-In Info window to display version information, online help, and Web links for installed plug-ins.

Download the fully-featured demo.

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