Cover Girl: Sara

I’ve been getting more hate mail (death threats?) as the release date of I’m Gonna be an Angel DVD vol 2 is nearing. It’s almost like they don’t want the DVDs to come out… “Get it out, or I’ll hunt you down!”... OK, it’s not that violent. Yet.

But I’ve also been getting some polite emails encouraging us to get the DVD out. The words “I’ll buy the DVD as soon as it comes out” (emphasis added) is always good to hear.

And as we wait for the truckloads of DVDs to arrive in our offices tomorrow, here is a preview of the DVD cover for I’m Gonna be an Angel DVD vol 2.

(c) HEAVEN PROJECT / Bandai Visual – Studio Pierrot – TV Tokyo

I was going to upload the reverse-side cover image too, but I forgot to ask our graphics staff for it. So that will go up tomorrow.

The reserve-side features Lucca and Noelle testing out a new wing device.

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