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Name: Her Name In Lights
Label: Laughing Outlaw Records
Her Name In Lights
  Pic:courtesy of Laughing Outlaw Records

Her Name In Lights has been referred to by one of its dear friends as ‘experimental rock’. We still don’t understand exactly what he meant by that, but it’s as good a label as any for their eclectic hybrid of pop/rock/folk/western-Hungarian gipsy music.

Do not be mistaken—Her Name In Lights is not World Music (although World Music certainly has it’s place in the pantheon of aural pleasures, don’t get us wrong.)

Lead singer/songwriter, Mary Wyer, ex-Sarah Records band Even As We Speak, brought the group together to record an album of songs she’d penned.

Simon Holmes, ex-Hummingbirds, produced and played numerous instruments, Alison Gallaway, of Smudge, added percussive flair, Almond Cafarella completed the quartet and the debut album Into the Light Again was born.

Initially formed solely as a session band, the recording was so enjoyable and they loved the moody, melodic tunes so much that they started gigging.

Laughing Outlaw Records also loved the album (there was a whole lot of love in the air) and picked it up.

Recently, Alison pulled out to concentrate on the upcoming Smudge tour. The irrepressible Simon Gibson, also of Modern Giant, replaced her in the drumming saddle.

Mary, Holmsie, Gibbo and Almond are contemplating a follow up album recorded with no other instrumentation but a Hurdy-gurdy and double-kick, speed-metal drums.

Into the Light Again is due for release in mid-November 2004 on Laughing Outlaw records.

Source:courtesy of Laughing Outlaw Records

Into The Light Again Into The Light Again
Release: Nov 2004
Label: Laughing Outlaw Records
Type: album
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