The Core Pocket Media Player

TCPMP Changelog

version 0.71: 2005-11-23
-yuv blitting fix (intel 2700g, sonyhhe effected)
-ogg icecast fix
-avi opendl mode out of sync fix
-large jpeg file support
-song title updated with audio streaming fix
-portrait pre-rotate disabled for coverart and podcasts
-WinCE: http async mode (connection loss should not freeze the player)
-WinCE: http avi playback fix
-WinCE: http streaming emulate wmp10 identification (for ORB server)
-WinCE: http site parsing and listing fixes
-WinCE: file association IE auto-download flag only for playlists
-WinCE: options/audio menu disappearing fix 
-WinCE: raw framebuffer mode only for WM2003SE and later
-PalmOS: screen blanking audio pause fix
-PalmOS: pre-rotate portrait movies advanced option

version 0.70: 2005-11-15
+Speex audio decoder support
+Epson graphics controller mode (Nexio S150/S151/S155/S160/XP30)
+Nexio XP40 DirectDraw overlay support
+mjpeg gray-scale support
+minimal jpeg, tiff, png image file support
+better support for enhanched podcasts (m4a with image slideshow)
+coverart support for music files
+ffmpeg library updated
+support for low resolution decoding (video quality)
+h263 elementary stream support
+PalmOS: advanced opitons dialog
+PalmOS: T|X LCD tweak options
+WinCE: Axis Network Camera MJPEG streaming support
+WinCE: RGB support for 2700G (example WMV playback on X50v)
+Win32: ascii console video mode :-)
+Win32: screen saver disabling during video playback
-AAC removed from official binaries because of intellectual property considerations
-Matroska codec info handling fix (h.264)
-MatroskaParser library updated to version 1.47
-ID3v2 fix in rawaudio
-OGG tags as UTF-8 coding
-some third party libraries replaced
-avi files with ogg vorbis stream fix
-h263 decoding fix + fallback to ffmpeg when format not supported
-s263 (with 3gp) fix and support for h263 extended width/height
-safe string handling (overflow protection)
-mpeg4 decoder fixes
-WinCE: codepage handling fixes
-WinCE: ATI Imageon driver memory leak bug tweak
-WinCE: backlight handling fix
-WinCE: HTTP streaming fixes
-WinCE: Raw Framebuffer usage with QVGA smartphones
-WinCE: fix for MIPS VR41XX tweaks on WinCE 2.xx
-WinCE: skip installing official gx.dll for new HPC devices with aygshell, but no GAPI support
-WinCE: WMV9 advanced profile support via DMO interface (only with WMP10)
-WinCE: file associations fix
-WinCE: stereo mode (swapped,join,left,right) fix
-PalmOS: m3u/pls playlist absolute path fix
-PalmOS: stack overflow fix with some vorbis files
-PalmOS: adpcm and uLaw audio codecs moved to tcpmp.prc install
-PalmOS: audio buffer fix (music head not lost anymore after open)
-PalmOS: Treo650/T5/LifeDrive program exit crash fix 
-PalmOS: sysAppLaunchCmdOpenDB launch fix
-PalmOS: external launching fixed (auto fullscreen playback)
-PalmOS: T|T storage memory tweak fix
-PalmOS: better low memory handling with mpeg1 files

version 0.66: 2005-07-08
+plugins only loaded when needed
+amr nb/wb audio decoder
+mp3 xing/vbri vbr info reader
+"Landscape" by Mobile Stream support on Sony CLIE NX/NZ/TH
+Sony HHE plugin. THANKS to Mobile Stream for reverse engineering GE2D API!
+Zodiac plugin using ATI Imageon hardware video decoding and 2D acceleration
+AAC plugin memory and speed optimizing (and fixing 5.1 channel support)
+ffmpeg plugin (video only)
+icecast support
+asf http streaming
+ogg/ogm native player buffering (saves dynamic memory)
+tremor vorbis decoder with high-accuracy (default with WinCE)
+merged .mpg file support (timestamps restart inside media)
+Sony remote control keys support (Thanks to aplus)
+WinCE: WMP10 support (WMA/WMV) (except on devices with 2700G)
+PalmOS: shortcuts and preferences in main menu, key navigation (Thanks to Dan Walkowski)
+PalmOS: support for ROM storage (example with JackFlash)
+PalmOS: left/right direction buttons skip songs and seek when holding down for longer
+PalmOS: form savebehind disabled (saves dynamic memory)
+PalmOS: T|T T|2 memory tweak
+PalmOS: white borderless fullscreen and tripple buffering tweak on some devices
+PalmOS: battery manager override tweak
+PalmOS: WMMX optimized motion compensation code added
+PalmOS: sysAppLaunchCmdOpenDB & sysAppLaunchCmdCustomBase launchcodes for launching media files
+WinCE: 2700G and ATI Imageon hardware released in background
+WinCE: Musepack plugin added to main install (AC3 removed to separate plugin)
+'fill screen' zoom option
-zero & duplicated chunk avi handling (fixes a/v sync with some tv records)
-non interleaved avi handling
-LifeDrive: action button fix and audio distrotion workaround for silent parts
-QDA700: smartphone audio fix
-Treo650: keyboard backlight light fix
-PalmOS: frame dropping bugfix
-Sony: jog keys fix and .asf file reader fixes
-PalmOS: alarm suppressing fix
-avi seeking fix
-PalmOS: plugin relocation not making databases 'dirty'
-PalmOS: low memory situation fixes
-WinCE version working again
-2700G: display flashing and freezing fix
-WinCE: file associations fix (ringtone on Smartphones, downloading from web)
-many minor bugfixes

version 0.65: 2005-05-01
!Windows version unusable
+Treo650 keyboard backlight turn off in fullscreen
+plugin architecture (modified gcc used for compiling)
+ac3 plugin for palmos
+musepack (mpc) plugin for palmos
-changing to 'Unfiled' launcher catalog
-mp4 reader bugfix
-screen turn off bugfix
-save last position fix with a/v offset
-many minor bugfixes
-fix d-pad direction following video

version 0.64: 2005-04-21
!Windows version unusable
+palmOne devices: turning off screen with audio files
+low memory usage mode with Tunsgten T|1 and T|2
+mp4 reader with lower memory usage and better seeking
+sector aligned file readering
+storage card insertion doesn't exit player
+timer display
+updated preference dialog
+using palmOne DisplayExtent library for direct screen access
-linear volume
-larger buffer for music playback
-MCA2 audio problem workaround on Sony devices
-matroska timing problem fix
-Sony Clie VZ90 landscape fullscreen bugfix
-fixing Makefile under linux
-crash fixed with left/right button with no media loaded

version 0.63: 2005-04-15
!Windows version unusable
+Palm OS open dialog
+Palm OS preferences dialog
+Palm OS save settings

version 0.62: 2005-04-12
!Windows version unusable

version 0.61: 2005-04-10
!Windows version unusable

version 0.60: 2005-04-09
!Windows version unusable
+project renamed to "The Core Pocket Media Player"
+initial Palm OS version with lots of changes

version 0.50b: 2005-03-19
+compaq aero1500 support :)
+asf marker support (chapters)
+screen aspect ratio options
+audio/aacp content-type added
+Dutch translation by PiLotCoptEr 
+matroska aac audio support
+nero mp4 chapter support
+HP Bluetooth Streo Headphone button support
-more ati imageon options in settings
-modified intel xscale video driver
-mpeg4 b-frame bugfix
-rounding bugfix with h.263
-chapter hour bugfix
-mulaw audio format detection bugfix
-fixes for supporting grayscale devices
-asf comment reader fix
-wmv fix of width non multiply of four pixels
-aspect ratio bugfix with less rotation tearing
-dropped frame counter fix for hard frame dropping

version 0.5: 2005-01-25

+czech translation by Triple T
+support for mqv extension
+higher priority for buffering advanced option
+adding files in subdirectories

version 0.096: 2005-01-11

+optional software volume handling
+windows ce shortcut support
+intel xscale lcd controller (flipping and hardware vertical scale)
+default install supports aac le,he,ps profiles
+intel2700g plugin added to main install (open-sourced)
+adjustable r,g,b offsets in color dialog
+taskbar can be hidden
+better http and streaming support (with directory listing and seeking)
+plugin sources are includeded in main source repository
+template audio and video codec source added to repository
+non interleaved audio/video .mp4 support
+h.263 video codec
+quicktime ima adpcm audio codec
-divx audio with windows media codec fix
-wince 4.x window media codecs on non pocketpc fix
-corrections with libfaad usage and mp4 file format
-another mpeg4 header parser fix
-avi framerate and opendml fixes
-asf streaming fix 
-uninstall restores file associations
-user input thread priority changed (for buggy keyboard drivers)
-better handling of low memory situation
-perfering gapi over raw framebuffer with smartphones
-better shoutcast support (meta data and aac support)
-minor bugfixes (a lot)

version 0.095: 2004-12-12

+playlist save
+aac audio codec added (libfaad)
+mp4 file format support
+opendml avi format support
+language JA updated by avi
+preliminary http support (will be rewritten later...)
-asx playlist reader fixed
-avi video timing bugfix
-cpu clock meter fix
-mpeg4 vol header parser bugfix
-mpeg4 resync support
-fixed some problems introduced in 0.094 (direct video, seeking, ati wmv slowdown)
-added missing copyright notices

version 0.094: 2004-11-29

+using GCC compiler for some codec files
+ac3 audio codec added (liba52)
+mjpeg and adpcm plugins included
+more accurate video timing (example better panning)
+language UA by Vadim
+some deep level video decoding programming interface changes (needs some testing)
+advanced option for benchmarking from current position
+ati imageon scaling lcd tearing elimination (if possible)
+adjustable zoom factor in settings
-id3 tag support not only for mp3 (example with mpc plugin)
-better support for nyditot virtual display
-fixed rawframebuffer with real landscape mode video memory
-fix for c500 with new rom
-ati imageon clipping fix (mostly in portrait mode)
-direction and action button can be catched in background too (not on smartphone)
-negative a/v offset with audio only files fixed.
-more avi format reading fix
-minor mp3 codec timing fix
-better internation mp3 tag support
-fixed deleting more files from playlist at once
-next/prev steps between chapters too

version 0.093: 2004-10-20

+wireless mmx 50%,100%,200% blitting (preliminary)
+language HE by Yaniv Levinsky
+language PT by Claudio Neves
+wince 2.xx compability
+8bit palette display support
+not supported features by currently selected video driver are disabled in settings
+last modified date column added to opendialog (sortable)
+more ati imageon tweaks for better performance
-seeking time display overflow fix
-mouse cursor handling correction
-hotkey bug introduced in 0.092 fix
-better support for broken avi files

version 0.092: 2004-09-28

+title bar
+title and timeslider bar can be turned on/off
+u-Law and a-Law audio codec support
+hotkeys can be optionally catched in the background
+smartphones: 'show only name' option in file open dialog
-divx3/msmpeg decoder green-tint and slice fix
-avi reader fix for bogus adpcm digital cameras
-avi reader fix for partial movie files
-ATI Imageon decoder crash fix
-settings editbox initial cursor position fix
-matroska with vorbis audio stream fix
-backlight stay alive modification for smartphones
-enter and direction keys are never captured (xBar fix)
-minor playback interface fixes

version 0.091: 2004-09-06

+MJPEG video codec support
+MPEG1 file format and video codec support
+hide some toolbar buttons if volume slider is too small
+BE-300 direct framebuffer support
+Matroska file format support (MatroskaPraser by Haali)
+MIPS support added with rich colors but without dither,smooth zoom
+SH3 support with 100% and 200% zoom, but it's slow...
+buffering code changed a lot (there might be some new bugs!)
+codepage support for language files
+support for Chinese Simplified (CHS) and Traditional (CHT)
+language CHT by HG
+language PL by azizi
+language JA by avi
+compressed language files
+equalizer preamp is a little more intelligent
+setup tries to benchmark video memory (default state of 'slow video memory')
+separate buffer size for microdrive mode
+MPEG4 video better compability (intra dc threshold, mpeg quantize matrices)
+zlib and mpegaudio file size decreased
+English benchmark log file with settings information
+new hotkey: toggle zoom fit orientation
+install size optimized
+new color lookup table method for non XScale CPUs
+some new speed settings in options menu
+even more optimized motion compensation
+Wireless MMX support (very preliminary)
+language files are packed into one tgz file
+MIPSII configurations added
+different settings for move backward and forward step
-buggy AVI aligment support
-Axim X30 landscape mode crash fix
-GAPI is disabled if Raw Framebuffer is available
-better video area aligment (for ATI Imageon too)
-green/dirty border line fix (smooth zoom)
-fixed: slow video memory optimalization was not used with fit screen
-fixed: frame dropping issue when cpu usage was high
-better ARM CPU feature detection (for MPx)
-better cpu detection and bugfix for non xscale smartphones
-plugin support adjusted
-better video frame timing (example smoother panning)
-LCD tearing is adjusted in some cases
-playlist toolbar images in VGA res. fix
-hopefully better microdrive mode
-ATI aspect ratio bugfix
-GDI scaled screen position bugfix
-extra codec information support (avi,asf,ogg)
-MPEG4 volume info as extra information
-division by zero bug with large scaling
-fixed seeking to begin of file with keys
-GAPI init fix when player window is not foreground
-combobox key navigation in settings dialog (pocketpc)

version 0.04: 2004-06-16

+playlist support
+pls,m3u file format support
+aspect ratio support (manual)
+fit width and fit height options
+opendialog path combobox with history
+opendialog multiple selection
+chapter support
+stream selection
+SIP activation when needed
+stereo to mono option (with channel selection)
+language CA by djuanes
+language DE by Morkeleb 
+language ES by djuanes 
+language FR by Geared2003 
+language HU by KTamas 
+language IT by Atlantis
+language KO by Wesley Chung
+language RU by YDY
+language SV by Emil Jaregran 
+language TR by Ozkan
+language ZH by ZHK
-tricky focus/fullscreen fix after double and triple clicks
-buffering fix when frame dropping occur
-mpeg4 error messages about unsupported features (gmc,interlace,qpel)
-file resume after power-off fix
-minor volume bar handling fix
-input focus in settings dialog fix
-smartphone backlight timeout fix (once more)
-disabling keeplist fix
-keeplist: silent mode (no error messages) at startup
-focus problem with modal error messages fix
-buffer flushing at end of file fix
-ogm non vorbis audio stream bugfix

version 0.03: 2004-06-03

+audio equalizer (with attenuate) (only pre-amp for vorbis)
+audio files can be played in background
+color saturation (not for ati imageon)
+language support (with auto detection)
+buffer underrun handling (pause with wait cursor)
+microdrive burstread start position in settings
+manual a/v sync offset option
+move back/forward step in settings
+support for saving benchmark results
+data rate benchmark (use disable video/audio for pure bandwidth benchmark)
+aygshell usage option (turn off by default for wince .net hpc devices)
-changing to _LOW_ACCURACY_ in vorbis (same as in pocketmvp)
-toolbar bitmap index bugfix
-new settings controls
-smartphone home screen timeout reset
-ati imageon decoder/non decoder selection bugfix
-move back/forward bugfix
-no internal player volume (not saved/restored)
-better backlight keepalive support (with disable option)
-avi reader bugfixes (a lot)
-keep file position after exit fix
-more b-frames compability
-more wn2003se compability
-volumebar visibility fix (after close)
-hotkey capture dialog can be closed with button
-uninstall will remove registry settings
-setup doesn't install gx.dll if OS already has one
-ogg/ogm disabled streams memory "leak" fix
-ati imageon version check (must be above

version 0.02: 2004-04-30

+ hardware key assigment
+ minimal volume slider
- bugfix: GAPI landscape mode (ipaq h39xx)
- bugfix: audio clicks (pcmsoft clipping)
- microdrive option adjusted
- many minor bugfixes

version 0.01a: 2004-04-26

+ initial release Logo
Copyright © 2005, Gabor Kovacs