Cover Changes

Here is the reverse side cover image of I’m Gonna be an Angel DVD vol 2:

You can’t tell from this image, but we made a few changes to the spine & back that some die-hard fans might want to know.

1) The spine of the reversible-side for vol 1 was identical to the Japanese Region 2 release. But we realized it won’t line up correctly if people picked the main cover for some of the volumes, and reverse cover for others.

2) The back of the reverse side has been re-designed to be similar to the back of the main cover. This was done per request from our licensors in Japan, who felt that copying the R2 design constitutes an additional “designer fee” on top of the license fees we already pay for the title.

Both of these changes were brought to our attention right as we were getting ready to print (for the Jan 2004 release), causing us to delay the release date of the DVD until March 30, 2004.

I thought we should explain a bit about our story, esp since some fans felt we were purposely holding back their anime. kusu... Let me make it clear once and for all.


So go and order your copy of I’m Gonna be an Angel DVD vol 2 and make us proud.

The DVDs are shipping out tomorrow.
It’s time to rejoice.
It’s time for the Mango Tango dance!

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