Since 2000, the Note Administration has continuously put education as the top priority in the Administration. Through the Ministry of Education (MOE), with the guidance of Vision 2018, MOE has put together medium and long term strategies to address the current educational system.

With the amended Compact of Free Association with the Unites States of America, the Administration raised the education funding to over $40 million during the past two years. These funding are for administrative purposes, training, capacity building and construction and maintenance of schools all throughout the RMI.

The MOE continues its efforts to deliver quality education to the children of the Marshall Islands. With the opening of new schools and construction of new classrooms in place of old, more students than ever are enrolled in the public school system. With the current level of resources, facilities and personnel, this is a remarkable step in the effort to provide education for all as stated in the Ministry of Education's mandate.

During the 2005 fiscal year, the Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) that replaced several of the U.S. federal grant programs arrived and the MOE have begun the initial phase of dispersing this grant into meaningful projects. The Ministry of Education has begun to utilize the $6.1 million (US $6,100,000) under the S.E.G. to provide more and better service to the children of the Marshall Islands.

The transition of the Head Start Program into MOE's new universal system, Kindergarten, was also a big success as it gives the youngest students a solid foundation before they begin the first grade. Head Start, which only allowed 1260 students to enroll, gave way to the new and improved kindergarten system that gives every child a chance to begin their education as early as age five.

The Ministry also has made remarkable strides in improving the curriculum for elementary school students and dramatically overhauling the teacher training programs through the Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant (TQE). Although these projects may take some time to produce results, they will certainly enable MOE to deliver a more robust and comprehensive education the children in years to come.

In an effort to improve the quality of education in the Republic, the Ministry of Education hosted the Pacific Educational Conference (the largest conference of its kind in the region) in July 2005. More than 1,000 educators from over 10 nations converged on Majuro to focus on the chosen theme "Raising Our Children, Raising Our Standards." The success of the RMI in hosting the event demonstrates the Government's commitment to improving education in the Marshall Islands and the desire to work with its peers in the Pacific region.

In light of the present progress, the Government is aware of the challenges that lie ahead and the immediate need for drastic improvements in the education system in the Republic.

The promotion of education is the most urgent requirement; the nation will not achieve prosperity unless education is the most central concern. Education is the best asset a child could ever possess when venturing outside of the islands. The Government and the MOE will continue to work to advance the standard of education into one that equips the children with the competitive edge that is necessary to live and prosper in the global village.

To reach this goal, the Government seeks the active support of the community leaders, religious groups, parents and the private sector. As stated in MOE's 2005 theme, together we can work to raise our children and raise our standards.
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