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Continuous Thread Method Continuous Thread Method

Continuous Thread Method

2 shuttles and ball of thread.

Before you wind your shuttles it is best to look at the pattern. Does the pattern have more rings then chains? Or the other way around. If you were working a pattern like *Georgia’s Sitka Rose you would need most of the thread on one shuttle. If the pattern is pretty equal between rings and chains, then you will need an equal amount on both shuttles. In most patterns the rings use most of the thread. So when you start to tat, you will make your first ring using the shuttle that has the largest amount of thread.
Ok lets go.

1 * Wind one shuttle with about 4 yards of thread.

2 * Now measure off another 2 yards of thread . Cut the thread from the ball.

3 * Take the cut end and attach it to the second shuttle and wind the shuttle.

4 * Start your first ring using the shuttle with the most thread (1st shuttle)

5 * Don’t let the extra shuttle throw you, just think of it as a ball of thread.

6 * After your first ring, when you get ready to chain, drop shuttle 1

and wrap shuttle 2 around the left hand (just like it was a ball of thread)
You should have shuttle 1 in your right hand. Start making your chain.

7 * After the chain, wrap the thread from shuttle 1 around your left hand
and start the next ring.

The confusion starts with patterns (especially DMC) that have you going crazy as to which is shuttle 1 and shuttle 2. Remember this, whenever you are tatting with two shuttles, you should NEVER have to cross the threads to get your shuttle in the correct position. And you shouldn’t have to do the shoelace trick either. I ignore these directions (they make my head spin) Whichever shuttle is in the correct position(no crossed threads) is the shuttle I use.


You are tatting a chain,minding your own business. The directions say” make a ring using shuttle 2” Say what? Ok this is what the lame brain designers mean. Take the thread that is wrapped around your left hand out of the chain position. Using this same thread and shuttle, make a ring. Close the stupid ring, and put the thread back in the chain position. Go back to making the rest of the chain. Rings on chains are primary reason for directions to use two shuttles.Don’t let such confusing directions, run you away two shuttle tatting.I use two shuttles all the time. Why, well being related to Pig Pen, it keeps my ball of thread clean if it stays home Or lets say, you thought you had enough thread on the shuttle. But here you are one ring away from the finish line and you are running out of thread on your main shuttle. Rats rats and double rats! If you were tatting with a ball and shuttle you would have to cut threads, wind shuttle hide ends, you know the drill.But if you are tatting with two shuttles you can do the shoelace trick or cross the threads and continue on with the other shuttle. YES !YES !YES! you have beat the tatting gremlins Excuse the demented directions, I am melting away, while Georgia is laughing at me in Alaska. Scan shows a chain at the point of making a ring on the chain, using the yellow shuttle (shuttle2) Hope this helps

* the pattern for Georgia Seiz's Sitka Rose is available on the AOL tatting forum, or you can order the book from Georgia..e-mailGeorgia


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