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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
GC 2007 Debut Trailer
Posted August 22, 2007 @ 5:39 pm
Release Date: February 01, 2008
The Sonic crew is back, and going faster than ever!
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Posted 9-1-2007 1:08pm
looks cool but I doubt it be any good. Have to wait and see.
Posted 9-1-2007 4:55pm
-Sacred-Device- said: Using gravity in racing is a great idea!Why all the hate? Mario has tons of spin offs and its very rare to something worth while from Mario. Look at the distance between Mario 64, Sunshine and finally galaxy.I admit that not all of Sonic's games have been great. But ever since that blow (Critics) to Sega with Sonic PS3/360 Sonic team has stated that they will never let that happen again.Since Secret Rings and Rush I believe them.Also it is good to have soooome kind of story in a racer (Imo)Come on Sonic Team bring our boy back ^_~

I agree with what you said about Mario. And that at least Sonic Riders has actually some tie to Sonic, some story significance, and even originality in the gravity abilities. (and not just a random sport with Sonic characters slapped onto it)

But I can't possibly be convinced that Sonic06 was a "mistake".

To make Sonic Team say to never make the mistake that was Sonic06 again? They could take that as just never making a next-gen Sonic again. That's not good...

You may believe them, but unless they make a serious Sonic game on the Wii AT LEAST, (and there isn't even one announced, and Secret Rings doesn't count), I am afraid I can't yet believe them. And when it does come out, it may not necessarily obsolete Sonic06 which is the coolest and best looking Sonic game ever.

Hayseman said: I honestly do not like the direction that they have been going with the sonic franchise for the past 6 years. I remember that it used to be actually a great serious story (the comics and a short lived tv series.) But now they butchered it by making it kiddy and putting in bad characters and elements.

The comics are not Sonic. In fact they go against everything Sonic is about. They're cheesy, unimaginative, bland, and horribly un-edgy, and they look often more like Tiny Toons, or furry than they do Sonic. Sonic (the games) are bold enough to be cool, and it became cool as a result. /extremely/ cool. The creators of the comic are working under a terribly inferior paradigm and will mostly get only kids who just like anything with Sonic on it, as well as elitists.

"Kiddy" is it? I think what's more kiddy is failing to understand the tone of a series... whether you're a fan or you're designing it. That's what the Sonic comics are for... pretentiously changing the tone of the Sonic series with more serious situations yet while using less serious designs and art.

Sonic uses cartoon mascots but it also combines with mature environments, savvy, edgy designs, and great music. That's where its real maturity comes from. Maturity in style, and execution. It doesn't come from the situation. If it does it could just end up being pretentious.

Sonic isn't perfect... because the ending in Sonic06 took it too far... with Sonic dying... while also being such a poorly made scene. It's exactly the type of thing I don't like... the type of thing in fact I'd think to find in the comics and not the games.
Posted 9-1-2007 10:52pm
great game
Posted 9-1-2007 11:07pm
Don't want to hate on the blue bomber, but Sonic is not the franchise it once was back in the day. Sega has struggle to make decent Sonic 3-D game for now decade. the series tries to hard to be hardcore adding stupid animal to human melodrama along with multiple charater plots we don't give a rats ass about. all we want is the speed and lopes and collecting rings and fighting Eggman at the end of every level. Really seem that Sega's keeping him around for the name: because it still sell to the public. I think this game could have done well if sonic name was not on it;maybe had a chance to be its own franchise. I love sonic games but way Sega has let him slip from grace has been very bothersome to me for awhile. as a fan i just want sonic running back on his own to feet again
Posted 9-2-2007 7:21pm
i have bouts this will sell look at first one
Posted 9-3-2007 5:32pm
like u guys sonic isnt going always to be made like the 90's it has to move foward and this is a excelent way to show the future sonic just like those next generation games... if they are called next gen the history has to be made at a diferent way dont u think? i think this game is going to be a sucess like or not!
Posted 9-3-2007 11:25pm
this game will be awesome
Posted 9-4-2007 8:32am
Posted 9-4-2007 2:41pm
It looks good but I not saying anything until it's out, I've been dissapointed many a time by trailers making games look good but eventuallty when the game comes out it's crap, so for now I'll hold my judgment.
Posted 9-5-2007 10:15am
great game
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