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OilFresh® 1000, Frying Oil Reforming Catalytic Device

Prolong the freshness of the frying oil...Powered by nanotechnology, OilFresh 1000 is fyring oil refining catalytic device designed to significantly prolong freshness of oil while in use for deep frying.  OilFresh catalytically inhibits thermal polymerization (molecules lumping together) process of the frying oil with the effects of slowing its quality deterioration and keeping viscosity from rising.  Among the benefits afforded by OilFresh include crispier fries, better consistency of food quality, significant reduction in the costs, and human health and environmentanl contributions.

OilFresh 1000 is ideal for small family restaurants, large fast-food franchises such as McDonald's, Burger King, Denny's and KFC, and everything in between.  It is well suited for American mainstays such as French fries and fried chicken, and also meets the needs of Asian style restaurants.  Moreover, OilFresh reduces off-odors so well that a cook can switch back and forth from seafood to vegebles to meats without carryover flavors.

De Facto safety standard for restaurant industry in USIt is not an additive, not a chemical, not a stabilizer or a filteration system, but an entirely new, patented, technological innovation.  OilFresh is authorized by the US FDA and certified by NSF Int'l.  It is completely safe to use.  A flat, semi-permanent, vertical insert, made of an advanced nanoceramic material, OilFresh 1000 fits most brands of commerical gas deep-fryers now in standard use, including Dean, Frymaster, Pitco, Imperial, American Range and many more..


OilFresh 1000 datasheet v2.0


OilFresh 1000 FAQ v1.0


Primary Benefits




Save 1/2 of frying oil costs: extending usable life of oil by up to 100%


Cut utility bills: reducing cooking temperature by 15~20°F


Shorten cooking time: as much as 20% or more


Additional BenefitsCrispier & healthier fries...




Crispier food texture with minimal oily impregnation


Lighter colored fries from darker turned oil


Substantially less foams over fried seafood like calamari


No adverse affect on food flavor


Deferment of smoking point


Non-toxic, non-chemical, and not an additive


Long life device for repeated use


Easy installation and maintenance


Works for shortenings or vegetable oils


Environment friendly nano-ceramic device


What It Does and What It Doesn't...


What It Does



  -Allows quicker frying at slightly lower temperature (better heat conductivity)

  -Better food texture (crispier and less oily)

  -Prevents off-flavor (keep the original flavor longer)

  -Lighter food color (less affected by oil color)





What It Does Not



  -Cleaning oil (it's not filtration system)

  -Whitening oil color (not whitening chemical)

  -Change fried food flavor (no flavor affect)




OilFreshTM 1000 Series

OilFresh 1000 series device is designed for floor standing gas fryers widely used by commercial restaurants.


OilFresh 1000SE

OilFresh 1000FB

Product Image


Standard Edition for floor standing open gas fryer with visible burners in it

Flat Bottom edition for floor standing gas fryer with flat bottom


Open gas fryers from Frymaster, Dean, Pitco, Imperial, Vulcan, Wolf, American Standards etc.

Dean 1824F & 2424G and Frymaster FMG18FBSD

Net Weight

1.85 lb

1.90 lb

Net  Dimension

11 1/2" (L) x 4 1/4" (W) x 3/8" (D)

*Adapter not included

11 1/2" (L) x 8 1/16" (W) x 2" (D)

*Bracket included

Product  Warranty

Limited 2 year

Limited 2 year

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