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Founded in 1998,Shandong Binzhou 
Xinpeng Biosciences Co.,Ltd is 
specialized in manufacturing,exporting,
R&D of forage and raw material.With a 
capacity of 8000 tons, the Company is 
providing to its customers quality and 
economic products fabricated with 
advanced facilities,expertise know-hows and modern process that guaranteed with strict administration and the pursue
for higher efficiency.

蛋白精     Corn protein powder is a byproduct of amylum production with corn following by drying, after the process of which, protein content is significantly increased as a result that amylum contained in corn is extracted....


    Pea protein powder, fabricated with yellow pea from Canada, is yellow colored, smelly and of good mouth feeling with full nutrition. It adds advantages to the gray product the previously produced with domestic gray pea. ...
活性蛋白质饲料     “Liqin” is effective biological additive forage, with zein powder and tailing soya as cultivation pad, made from multi-yeast, bacillus, beneficial bacterium, photosynthetic bacteria and various Aspergillus cultivated in liquid and fermented in solid.
EM微生物饲料     1. Accelerating growth, increase productivity of forage.
    2. Enhance immunopotency and survival rate.
    3. Eliminate odd smell of excrement, improve environment.

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蛋白精 蛋白精
Corn protein powder
Pea protein powder
Active protein forage
EM bacterium active protein forage
Corn protein powder Pea protein powder

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