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Welcome to the poll to yet another arcade favourite games created by SNK -- The KOF series. Here u will be able to vote for the coolest guy/gal in the tournaments. So here we go !!!

Update for this version : First of all, a very big "SORRY" to everyone because of my computer problems, all my votes results has been lost Therefore i think that it is only fair that i restart everything all over again. Well, as for updates, i decided to add in this new section of a top 10 for every KOF series, starting from '94. I do hope that u guys will support it too. Also i will try to go online as much as possible.

New RULES are incorporated into the vote pages. Go read them first. (Updated on 28th May 1999)

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Your Favourite KOF Tournament

'94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 2000

The Ultimate Top 15 KOF Characters

All characters are now listed according to their alphabetical order. Now whatever characters i know that will be in KOF 2000 will be included. So wait no more and cast ur votes.
Pls note that there is no scoring for the KOF votes, just the number of votes received. Vote for ur personal favourite fighters now !!! Just click on any boxes to indicate ur fave characters (MAX. 15))

From now onwards, any votes which put in more than 15 chars will be considered void

Best KOF Character

Andy Bogard Athena Asamiya

Bao Benimaru Nikaido Billy Kane Brian Battler Blue Mary

Chang Koehan Chin Gentsai Chizuru Kagura Choi Bounge Chris Clark

E -- G
Eiji Kisaragi Geese Howard Goenitz Goro Daimon

H -- J
Heavy D Heidern Iori Yagami Jhun Hoon Joe Higashi

K' Kasumi Todoh Kim Kaphwan King Krizalid
Kula Diamond Kyo Kusanagi (Original) Kyo Clones

L -- M
Leona Li Xiangfei Lin Lucky Glauber Mai Shiranui Mature
Maxima Mr. Big

Omega Rugal/Rugal Bernstein (Boss of '98) Orochi

Ralf Ramon Robert Garcia Ryo Sakazaki Ryuji Yamazaki

Saisyu Kusanagi Seth Sie Kensou Shijo Hinako Shermie Shingo Yabuki

T -- V
Takuma Sakazaki Terry Bogard Vanessa Vice

W -- Z
Whip Wolfgang Krauser Yashiro Nanakase Yuri Sakazaki Zero

Best KOF Team -- Ups

Best Team

Choose any 5 teams which u think is the best default team. Any entry with more than 5 will be disqualified.

Hero Team '94 -- '98 (Kyo,Benimaru,Goro)
New Hero Team '99 (K',Benimaru,Shingo,Maxima)
New Hero Team 2000 (K',Maxima,Vanessa,Ramon)
Hungry Wolves Team '94 -- '98 (Terry,Andy,Joe)
Hungry Wolves Team '99 (Terry,Andy,Joe,Mai)
Hungry Wolves Team 2000 (Terry,Andy,Joe,Blue Mary)
Art of Fighting Team '94 -- '95 (Ryo,Takuma, Robert)
Art of Fighting Team '96 -- '98 (Ryo,Robert,Yuri)
Art of Fighting Team '99 (Ryo,Robert,Yuri,Takuma)
Art of Fighting Team 2000 (Ryo,Robert,Takuma,King)
Ikari Team '94 -- '95 (Heidern,Ralf,Clark)
New Ikari Team '96 -- '98 (Leona,Ralf,Clark)
New Ikari Team '99 -- 2000 (Leona,Ralf,Clark,Whip)
Kim's Korea Team '94 -- '98 (Kim,Choi,Chang)
Kim's Korea Team '99 -- 2000 (Kim,Chang,Choi,Jhun)
Heroine Team '94 -- '95 (King,Mai,Yuri)
New Heroine Team '96 (King,Mai,Kasumi)
New Heroine Team '97 -- '98 (King,Mai,Chizuru)
New Heroine Team '99 (King,Blue Mary,Kasumi,Xiangfei)
New Heroine Team 2000 (Mai,Yuri,Kasumi,Hinako)
Psycho Soldiers Team '94 -- '98 (Athena,Sie,Chin)
Psycho Soldiers Team '99 -- 2000(Athena,Sie,Chin,Bao)
Superstars Team '94/'98 (Lucky,Heavy D, Brian)
Rival Team '95 (Iori,Billy,Eiji)
Yagami Team '96/'98 (Iori,Mature,Vice)
Boss Team '96 (Geese,Wolfgang,Big)
'97 Special Team '97 -- '98 (Ryuji,Billy,Blue Mary)
New Face Team '97 -- '98 (Chris,Shermie,Yashiro)
New Face Team '97 -- '98 (orochi) (Chris,Shermie,Yashiro)
Senior Team '98 (Heidern,Saisyu,Takuma)
Benimaru Team 2000 (Benimaru,Shingo,Seth,Lin)

Best Final Boss

I have included the year number in which the boss has appeared, so just vote accordingly to the year.

Top 10 Of The Past

KOF '95

Just choose the top 10 characters in your opinion of KOF '95. NOTE : Sorry, i thouight i updated this section, didnt know i missed out so many things.

Billy Kane

That will be the categories so far for this vote. If u have any good suggestions for me, or if u think i missed out some characters or spelt any names wrongly, please tell me in the comment box below.

Your Name : ( Just for Fun !!! )

Your Email Address : ( No more mailing list, but u can still include it if u like. )

fighters had entered the tournament.

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