Fooblitzky was a little known computer assisted graphical board game for two to four players, released in 1986. A quick introduction to the gameplay can be found here. (Mirrored from the wonderful Infocom site found at The Unofficial Infocom Homepage)

However, Infocom made very few copies of this game. They managed to sell what they pressed, but they did not push it very hard. As a consequence, this game is now very difficult to get.

Since neither the game nor the company exit any more, I thought it might be nice to release a copy of it for the public to use. Beware that it is a 14.5 MB download, as it includes many graphic scans.

Included in the archive is the Quick Start guide, the full manual, scans of the city map and price sheets, scans of the folder covers, and a README file to tell you how to set up the game. The disk image is for an Apple][ system with 128K of RAM.

Go to The A2 Home Page for Apple II Emulators! for information about getting an emulator for your environment: Windows, Mac or Unix.

Download the archive here.

Play Fooblitzky online here (NOTE: You need X11. This version is not color. The version you can download is in color).

Below are the links to download the individual files contained in the archive, if you don't need the entire thing.

Game Disk
Cost Sheet
Manual page 1
Manual page 2
Manual page 3
Manual page 4
Manual page 5
Manual page 6
Manual page 7
Manual page 8
Manual page 9
Manual page 10
Manual page 11
Manual page 12
Manual page 13
Manual page 14
Manual page 15
Manual page 16
Player 1 Cover Sheet
Player 2 Cover Sheet
Player 3 Cover Sheet
Player 4 Cover Sheet
Quick Start Page 1
Quick Start Page 2
Quick Start Page 3
Quick Start Page 4
Front box cover
Back box cover

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