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Taruca project (Hippocamelus antisensis)



Physiology, ecology and health assessment of Hippocamelus antisensis (Taruca) in The Andes of Chile
Principal Investigator
Dr. Cristián Bonacic
Fauna Australis.

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

The Taruca or Andean Deer is nearly an unknown species and no more than 700 animals survive in the wild; these few animals are conflicting with local farmers in the pre-andean mountains of the I Region of Chile (Galaz 1998). The aims of Fauna Australis work is to describe some physiological and health parameters from Taruca populations in areas where they are sympatric with domestic livestock and guanaco. We will describe human-wildlife interactions in terms of space sharing and competence for resources.

The involvement of The Wildlife Trust and the Centre for Conservation Medicine International Veterinary Programme

This is the first Conservation Medicine project funded in Chile. Wildlife Trust will provide Veterinary support and training in capture methods and GPS radio-telemetry research and the Fauna Australis director will actively collaborate with Wildlife Trust Scientist working on different projects around the world.

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