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Bill Shannon
"I live and create through a philosophy of paradoxical transformation. When burdened with any given hurdle, I attempt a qualitative shift, creating possibility from failure and taking awkwardness into an ambiguous world of awkwardness and elegance."

For more than ten years, Bill Shannon has been making his mark on the most prestigious alternative stages in the U.S. and around the world, and waking up the streets of New York and Chicago with his kinetic exploits. As well as being a renowned dancer and choreographer, this Brooklyn resident expresses himself through video, writing, drawing and installations. Bill regularly presents shows in the United States and at contemporary art and dance festivals in France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland and Jordan. He has a bachelor’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Bill Shannon is a self-styled interdisciplinary artist, but he is known in the club dance world as "the CrutchMaster." He has invented a unique technique for dancing on crutches—the Shannon Technique—that derives from his extensive experience in their use as a mobility aid. In fact, until Varekai, he was the only practitioner of this technique. "In my choreography, I aim to merge the Shannon Technique with freestyle street dancing, skateboarding and silent film poetics," he explains.
Numerous awards and distinctions have recognized the avant-garde quality of Shannon’s creations. Since 2000, he has received the Downtown Art/Colbert Foundation’s Emerging Arts Award, as well as grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art and the Jerome Foundation, and has twice been supported by the Fund for US Artists at International Festivals.
"My favourite place for experimentation and expression is the street. It allows for chance encounters and discoveries, both human and artistic, that couldn't be designed or planned in a million years," he says.
Bill Shannon was born in 1970 and is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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