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Dr. D. James Kennedy dead at age 76

Jeff Johnson
September 5, 2007


The voice of the man known as "most listened-to Presbyterian minister in the world" is now silent. Officials with Coral Ridge Ministries confirmed to OneNewsNow.com Wednesday morning that Dr. D. James Kennedy passed away at around 3 a.m. Kennedy's retirement from his position as senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was announced August 26.


As OneNewsNow.com previously reported, Dr. Kennedy, who was 76, preached his last sermon from the pulpit of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church on Christmas Eve 2006. He suffered a cardiac arrest four days later and had been unable to return to the pulpit since. A tribute honoring Kennedy's extensive ministry was planned for Sunday, Sept. 23. There is no word as to whether or not that service will now serve as a memorial for Kennedy.

Dr. Frank Wright, was a personal friend of Kennedy and president of National Religious Broadcasters. Upon the announcement of Kenedy's retirement, Wright described Kennedy as a "man of vision" who is committed to the Kingdom of God.

"With his godly wisdom, his courageous heart, and his consistent example, he has inspired millions to love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ," Wright said in a press release. "[He] is a man among men who will continue to cast a long shadow in the lives of those who know and love him."

Kennedy's bio, from the website of Coral Ridge Ministries, states that:

Dr. D. James Kennedy is the most listened-to Presbyterian minister in the world today. His forthright and rational presentation of the Gospel is heard via television and radio throughout America and the world.

It all began on a Sunday morning in 1953, when he was startled awake by a preacher’s stern question on his clock radio: “Suppose you were to die today and stand before God, and He were to ask you, ‘What right do you have to enter into My heaven?’—what would you say?” Dr. Kennedy soon discovered the answer, was converted to Christ, and shortly thereafter was called into the Gospel ministry.

Today, Dr. Kennedy’s broadcast messages are televised from the 10,000-member Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to an audience of some three million people across the United States and into some 200 nations. A modest mission church of 45 people when Dr. Kennedy arrived in 1959, the rocketing growth of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church since then made it, for 15 years, the fastest growing Presbyterian church in America. Decision magazine named the church one of the “Five Great Churches of North America.” In 2005, Dr. Kennedy was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Beyond his leadership at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Dr. Kennedy’s energetic commitment to both evangelism and cultural renewal is demonstrated by four organizations he founded and now oversees: Coral Ridge Ministries, Evangelism Explosion International, Knox Theological Seminary, and Westminster Academy.

Coral Ridge Ministries — The radio and television outreach of Dr. Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries began in 1974 with the mission of bringing the Gospel via broadcast media to America and the world. Its programs are The Coral Ridge Hour, a weekly one-hour television program; Truths That Transform, a daily half-hour radio program; and The Kennedy Commentary, a daily 90-second radio feature.

Evangelism Explosion International — A lay-witnessing training program first developed in 1962 by Dr. Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion is now used in every nation and territory. EE has been used by God to spark explosive growth in congregations around the world.

Knox Theological Seminary — Dr. Kennedy launched Knox Theological Seminary in 1989 to prepare and equip Christians for ministry. Knox offers an education grounded in the historic Reformed faith and shaped by commitments to the sovereignty of God, the inerrancy of the Bible, and obedience to the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.

Westminster Academy — Dr. Kennedy founded Westminster Academy in 1971 to help meet Fort Lauderdale’s need for quality Christian education. It is a fully accredited Pre-K to 12th grade academy with more than 1,270 students.

Dr. Kennedy earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tampa, a Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary (cum laude), a Master of Theology from Chicago Graduate School of Theology (summa cum laude), and a Ph.D. from New York University. He is the author of more than 65 books, including Evangelism Explosion (more than 1.5 million copies) What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?, The Da Vinci Myth versus The Gospel Truth, and Cross Purposes: Discovering the Great Love of God for You.

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Dr. Kennedy was raised in Chicago and moved to Florida while in high school. He and his wife Anne have one married daughter and live in Fort Lauderdale.

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Comments (103)

David Ashworth:

Dr. Kennedy had a great impact on my life as a teacher. His war against evolution was one well felt. He will be truely missed.

God bless,
Dave Ashworth


Another great voice of the Gospel message has gone home.


Anne Kufeldt:

A great warrior has returned home! May the Lord surround his family and give them comfort. A race well run!


Dr. D. James Kennedy and his Truths that Transform played a major part in my Spiritual growth. God has used him mightily. He will be missed. May God comfort and give peace to his family.

B Cone:

May our Lord and Saviour welcome him home, and may He bless Dr. Kennedy's family in their hour of need.

Feril C Hoffer JR:

Thank you and May God Bless Mr Kennedy's Family. Our nations screams for our loss and looks for a leader not afraid to preach God's word and Jesus Salvation

Thomas Hart:

May the family o Dr Kennedy and all of Coral Ridge's Ministries and outreaches be comforted in the knowledge that he is now with the Saviour that he labored so hard to bring knowledge of to others. (Welcome home, good and faithful servant)

I have attended Coral Ridge when I lived in Fl. I am now in TX, and a Fire Chaplain. Thomas Hart


Dr Kennedy will be fondly remembered here in South Africa, his column in our local Christian magazine Joy Magazine is/was my favourite column.

He will be missed. Our love and prayers go to his family and friends, may GOD comfort you all at this time.

Barbara and Charles Foster:

Dr. Kennedy was a great man of God. He contributed much to the Kingdom of the Lord. His rewards will be great and this world will miss him. Our sympathies to his family at this time.


Dr. Kennedy was a wonderful influence in my life and in the lives of people to whom I sent his books and evangelistic materials. Only heaven will reveal the vast impact this godly man has had throughout our world. What a great loss for us, and what a great welcome in God's eternal home!

Belyn Pierce:

This is a great loss for the Christian community. However, God has used Dr. Kennedy mightily and his example and impact will live on in the hearts and lives of many. He will be greatly missed.

Mrs. Mary Davis:

It is with a sad heart that I learn of Dr. Kennedy's passing but celebrating also his glorious homecoming to his havenly home. May his work and memory continue down through the years until Jesus comes.

What a sad day on earth, and yet--

HALLELUIA! He is with His Lord and the lover of his soul, Jesus. He is face-to-face, he is at peace; he can rest from all his earthly labors.

He will be sorely missed here in all his ministrations. Yet we can REJOICE whole-heartedly that he has found his reward. He is rejoicing! He is dancing in the presence of the Lord! And when we get there, we will see him again.

Yet more joyful, we also shall be with Jesus! And many, many will be there because of the love and sacrifice of this brilliant light who blessed us while he was here. All praise to Jesus!

Danee Roedl:

The heaven's rejoice as they receive such a magnificent Christian. He will be singing with the angels, meeting the ancients, and the United States of America's founding fathers, walking the golden avenues of heaven discussing the wonders of his new heavenly home. Our world is greater for having him in it, and so much more less without his devotion to his Christian values. I will always cherish his personal testimonies during his sermons from his personal doubt and overcoming the impossible with the guidance of the Holy Spirt, the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of our most wonderous God. I praise God for D. James Kennedy, don't weep he's waiting for us in heaven. Thank you Dr. Kennedy for your daily witness of Christ's love.

Yours in Christ,
Danee Roedl
Duncanville, TX

Priscilla Hamilton :

I had hoped and prayed he would recover. God's Word will not return void. He has impacted the world and that won't be easy to erase. God bless his memory and give more men to speak out against the culture of today as boldly and unashamed as Dr. Kennedy was.

Sunny Stapelman:

May we all be as bold and as courageous as Dr. Kennedy was in standing up for what is noble and true and right in the sight of God. May we continue to fight the good fight against the forces of evil. God bless his family, his church, and his ministry.


I'm so glad for Dr. Kennedy, to finally be home. No doubt in my mind about where he is right now. I can't help but wonder if he and Adrian Rogers are friends? You reckon they are side by side, in the loving arms of Jesus, at this very moment?

Dean Haas, Jr.:

He is with our Lord Jesus Christ, and we will miss his inspirational sermons, and his dedication to bringing God's Word into our homes. May God bless and comfort his family and freinds, and I'll look forward to meeting him in our Father's house.

We all owe Dr. Kennedy a great debt of gratitude: his steadfast stand against evil in America, his sharing his vast knowledge of America's Christian heritage, and of course Evangelism Explosion! EE gave hundreds of thousands of us a handle on doing what we were built to do: share Christ. Once I, a midwesterner, was privileged to go out on EE OJT with Coral Ridge. Don't you know that Dr. Kennedy, the well-known "celebrity" that he is, took his assignments and hit the streets to share the gospel right along with the rest of us. By the way I addressed him as "Dr. Kennedy" and he said, "No, it's Jim." He will be greatly missed.

Barry B.:

I went through the EE course twice in the 1990's and loved it! It is a structered course that teaches Christians in an easy to use form how to present the gospel to an unbeliever. I think this one ministry of Dr. Kennedy's will be the most impacting on the world. I pray, too, that it continues to teach the body how to reach out to the lost as Dr. Kennedy (and the Lord) would want us to do. May his fmaily be comforted by the Holy Spirit at this time and rejoice that they will see him again someday.


I feel a tremendous loss all of a sudden. I have listened to many of Dr. Kennedy's messages. He has been a wonderful example of how a Chirstian should bow down before our GOD and uplift His Son JESUS.

Jayson Lopez:

Dr Kennedy Was A Wonderful Man Of God In The Society We Live Filled With Sin I Want To Thank Him For Touching My Life And Others That Need A Refreshing Word Of God On The Daily Basis.

Dr Kennedy Will Be Missed Because All The Hard Work He Has Done For God In Years I'll See Him In Heaven Including Others One Of These Days When The Rapture Arrives.

Seminole, FL

lee medley:

What can I say that will not be better said by others. All I know is that I will deeply miss Dr. Kennedy. He has changed my life so very much with his awesome presentation of God's word and love. Oh! The thought of seeing his entry into Heaven. What a moment that must have been.
Gos bless all that love and now miss him.

A changed heart!

Michael McKee:

The Lord has called home another of his faithful servants. The question now is, who will step forward to continue the fight against the evils that are all around us? Even more importantly, will they do so in the same American spirit as Dr. Kennedy?

Doud Williams:

A giant has fallen. What I know about evangelism, I learned from Dr. Kennedy.

Lillie :

What a great example Dr. Kennedy was to every Christian. He faithfully proclaimed God's message until Christ called him home. I pray for God's comfort and peace on his wife and family. May they enjoy the wonderful memories of his life with them here on earth, and rejoice that they will be with him again when they enter Heaven!

Judith Eardley:

I am deeply saddened by this news. We have lost the guidance of a true man of God and he will be greatly missed in the Christian community. He was one who stood up for what was right and good and he did not compromise with evil. Right was right and wrong was wrong and he was not afraid to say so. How we need more ministers like him! So many pussyfoot around the issues...afraid to offend...but he proclaimed God's Word as it was written without apology. He is enjoying his reward now, but we are the losers.
May God comfort his family and friends in this time of grief.

Jim and June Belfie:

Our hearts go out to Dr. Kennedy's loved ones - both family and friends. He made a tremendous impact on our lives with his messages each week and his unceasing efforts to reach out to others.
What a wonderful example to show how one life can make such a difference in this world.
May his mininstries continue to thrive in this much needed society we live in.

I have fought the good fight, I have
finished the race, I have kept the
faith. Now there is in store for me
the crown of righteousness, which the
Lord, the righteous Judge, will award
to me on the day - and not only to me,
but also to all who have longed for his
appearing. 2Timothy 4:7-8 NIV


Dr Kennedy was a giant among believers. What a great loss for Christian leadership! He was willing to tackle difficult subjects for truth. Is there a successor that can and will follow his example?


It seems so many of the great preachers of the Gospel are being called home. Many apostates are now in the pulpits of our "churches". May God comfort the Kennedy family in their sorrow. May God help this country and this world.

Jim Roane, PhD:

A very sad day, indeed. One of the great Evangelical giants has passed on to his eternal reward. Our prayers go out to the Kennedy family. What a legacy!

Myrtle Thornton:

DR.Kennedy a wonderful man of God.He will be missed ,but he is in a wonderful place with his savior. Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jacob Burke Jr.:

We will miss him here on Earth, but I believe the first words he heard when he first glimpsed Heaven were "Well Done", for he was a true servant of the Lord.

sandra hackworth:

I just listened to Dr. Kennedy on the radio this morning and as always prayed that he would be able to return to the pulpit.......his presence will be greatly missed but I know I'll see him in Heaven. God bless all that he touched in the name of the Lord.

Terrie Kenoyer:

Dr. Kennedy will greatly be missed. While I never had the privelege of meeting him in this life, I look forward to meeting him in Heaven one day. God Bless to his family and my sincere condolences are with them.


Dr. Kennedy's ministry has blessed many people throughout the world. I have heard scores of Truths that Transform broadcasts on Christian radio through the years, and have been greatly strengthened in the faith.

Thank you, Dr. Kennedy, for your years of faithfully proclaiming the reason for the hope that was in you -- the Good News of God's grace to the sinner. I thank God for how He worked so powerfully through you.

May God bless Dr. Kennedy's family, friends, and staff of Coral Ridge Ministries at this time, with the grace and peace that have so marked his life.


Dr. Kennedy always displayed the peace that only God can give. Enough cannot be said about this gifted man. Although heaven is rejoicing, he will be so missed on earth.

Carolyn Ladd:

He was one of my favorites. I especially admired his teachings which included the founding of our great nation on bibical principals.

He leaves a great void in this world today and will be sorely missed.

I am sure he will receive many crowns to cast at our Lord's feet.

Peace and comfort to his family and all those who love him.

Edward Pallazola:

I thank God that He gave us Dr. Kennedy as an example of what it means to preach the Good news.


Dr. Kennedy was truly a wonderful example of God's love to us all! I appreciated his valiant fight of turning the hearts of America back towards God. If only people would listen, get on their knees and repent of this nations sins! There is still hope for America, and he was consistent in imploring us
to pray for America! Let's remember his words.

Carolyn Mancos:

I listened to Dr.Kennedy every day when I drove a route at work. What an unmistakable voice he had. The greatest thing is, we will still hear all those great messages of the gospel from Dr.Kennedy. I pray that the Lord gives his family the peace that passes all understanding during their time of great loss. He is in the hands of a wonderful Savior, no more pain and sickness only everlasting glory in the presence of God.

Karen E Clemovich:


Steve Wenge:

Our prayers are with not only his loved ones left behind, but a world of believers that deighted in his message. He stood for the truth, and was like a voice crying in the wilderness. A huge void has now taken place. It will be VERY difficult for anyone to walk in his shoes. He preached the Gospel in truth and stood his ground in that truth without compromising. To say that He will be missed is a huge understatement.

Steve Wenge
Roseville, CA

Paul Foxworth:

When D.James Kennedy speaks, people listen. Words cannot always be expressed that describe the stature of some who God has so truly gifted. There have been only a few great orators, eloquent speakers, those who command great respect not only by their confession of faith in God, but as communicators, those that when they speak they arrest your soul and command one to stop and listen, take account, because these are not idle words coming forth.

Dr.Kennedy was such as these. A great man of faith coupled with these attributes has an enormous influence. "When I be lifted up I will draw all men to Me." Dr.Kennedy pointed men to the Savior, Jesus Christ and many have followed.

He will be sorely missed but great is his reward.

"For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the rightous Judge, shall give me at that Day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing." (2Tim.4:6-8)

Bernadette Shisler:

I appreciated Dr. Kennedy's talk on the DaVinci movie. He brought God's powerful light to my two teens who watched the movie! May our wonderful Lord and Savior bless Dr. Kennedy's family with comfort during this time!


Oh My God; who will we send now to hold the banner high and to lift up your HOLY Name. You have promised LORD not to leave us nor forsake us but to be with us always. You have taken another one of our leading mighty warriors LORD...we know that he is seeing you face to face. But forget us not LORD, and raise up more Dr Kennedys to take up his baton for the coming generations. Thanks you the honor or hearing him and being a part of some of his ministry. God comfort his family and your people. Surround us with your loving kindness and grace.

James Knauff 3rd:

Dr. Kennedy was the first TV preacher I watched other than Dr. Graham. I had moved to South Florida in 1964 at age 17. The "60's" were tough on kids like me, but, D. James Kennedy was a rock
of conservatism that this young Presbyterian could not stray far from for very long. Thank you Lord for bringing him into my life.

Anna Rogelstad:

God bless his family, and inspire his church members to continue his mission of bringing Gods truth to the world. He was a man among men. A true leader of Christianity.

Michael Morey :

I always enjoyed listening to Dr. Kenedy. He served his purpose for his Lord. I cannot wait to see our brother in heaven.

Dr. D. James Kennedy made a great impact on everyone he had taught to, and God through His Son Jesus Christ reached out to people through Dr. Kennedy.

Dr. Kennedy left a great legecy.

We will miss you brother.
ENJOY HEAVEN until we get there, and most of all give Jesus a hug for us all.

With Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael Morey.
P.S. Lord Jesus please comfort his famiily.

Philinda Minor:

I truly loved this man and his powerful witness. God appears to be calling his major voices home, and for that it is our profound loss but their wonderful reward. Dr. Kennedy's intelligent, well-reasoned arguments in defense of our faith will be sorely missed.




Dr Kennedy will be missed but his message and the work he started for CHRIST will continue until finished. May GOD confort and bless his family and ministry.

Rev. Austin Miles:

Dr. Kennedy remained faithful and true to his calling throughout his ministry. His memory will be a constant inspiration to all of us. His presence will be greatly missed.


Well done, thy good and faithful servant!


Dear God, another great man of God has gone home to be with Jesus. He will be missed. Another link in the chain of Christianity has been broken. I loved this man and I listened to him, because if the bible said it, He believed it and it was counted to him for righteousness. He told it just like it is. He did not compromise with the world, concerning the truth of the Gospel. He told it just like it is and I will always love him. He taught that hell is real, but even greater than that, He taught that ever was even greater. He gave you a road map to Glory. His presence will be greatly missed, but his voice and words will be go on forever. This man of God was a great teacher of the Word of God. I love him and will miss him. I pray that the the ministry will stay the course. I will pray for his family and the ministry.

My brother, you will be missed, but your words will go one forever.


Ps 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

Thanks to God for the time He allows His servants here - may He allow us to see with His eyes.

Ron & June Hart:

We will deeply miss Dr Kennedy and his spirit
moved teaching. Our Lord must have said. like to Paul " well done my faithful servant".
God must be reclaiming his saints so they may
watch his return from the grandstand.

Michael McGovern:

Dr. Kennedy preached the word, in season and out of season. Each time I heard him from the pulpit, he was after the truth. Am I a Calvinist?
No I am not, and it matters not.May God raise up one thousand more like Dr. Kennedy, and ten times that.

Rick Crompton:

Dr. Kennedy was a master of marshalling the Body of Christ to go out and make a difference in the community. He understood that every single disciple of Jesus Christ is responsible to evangelize the lost and that all are equipped to do that in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Willa Thompson:

May God comfort Dr. Kennedy's family and the congregation of Coral Ridge in their hour of sorrow. Dr. Kennedy will be missed worldwide. He impacted not only the religious community with his proclamation of the love of Christ but the political arena as well. He is in the presence of our Lord, the One he worked so diligently to make known to a world in need of a Savior.

Donna :

May God bless his family and give them His peace.
Dr. Kennedy was not afraid to stand against the evils in this world and was not ashamed to speak the truth that this was a Christian Nation and believe that it will be again one day. We have lost a true champion.He will be greatly missed by all. Donna


It is truly a sad day for our Nation as well as other Countries, a great Man of God has gone home to be with Our Lord Jesus Christ. We will miss this voice of the gospel truth. Non compromising words of the living God. Your reward will be great because you did not cave in to this world system of going along to get along but you stood on the words of God and you held your positions. Great job Dr. James Kennedy. I know you now know how happy you are that you stayed the course. God bless your family. The world's loss and heaven great gain. I learned a great deal from you and I am proud to have been your partner in your ministry and to have stood with you on the hard topics.
Evangelist Evelyn Jackson

Ron Hamelink, D. Ed.:

Dr. Kennedy's "Evangelism Explosion" was such a "Godsend" back in its early days. When before I had always struggled with how to visit with someone about the greatest and most unimaginable gift-- the Gift of Eternal Life. Dr. Kennedy, with such ease and natural grace, lighted a pathway all of us could follow: we who were so excited to share the Good News, and those groping in the dark tunnel of their lives. His Gospel presentation is such a clear ray of hope, lighting the pathway to the Savior. He uncomplicated that path, cleared away the clutter which might have kept so many from entering the gate. I saw the Gospel clearly, and could share it with ease and confidence ever since.

We have had to give him up to the next world, where "an abundant entrance" was surely given to him this morning. Don't you wonder how many were there, with the Christ he loved so much, who would never have been there if he hadn't helped to mark the clear pathway to eternal life? If only Christ will be that proud of each of us, if we continue now to be the watchman who can answer the question: "Watchman, What of the night?" as society continues into the ever-darkening night of hopelessness.

God ever bless his memory.

Ron Hamelink, D. Ed., Counselor

Melissa Claypool:

May God bless the ministry he has left behind! It is much needed and respected in South Florida.

Angie Erickson:

We will miss you Dr.Kennedy,thank you for standing for truth,speaking truth and living your life of truth,which is Jesus Christ.
May the God of peace give comfort to the Kennedy family.

Angie Erickson

Duane Oftedahl:

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord". The greatest ten years of my 77 years were those spent at Coral Ridge, singing in the splendid choir at Coral Ridge Church and serving Coral Ridge Ministries as a full-time employee. I heard the great teaching of this gifted mentor nearly every Sunday (both services, since the choir had to remain for the benediction) and owe more to him than any other teacher I ever had. Christianity's loss is Heaven's gain and I know I will see and hear him again very soon.
My deepest sympathy to Ann, Jennifer and the wonderful people at CRPC, especially my old friends in the choir.

Jay Stilson:

He will be sorely missed but now he can finally meet face to face those he kept telling the truth about to so many here. His real joy though will be in meeting his Savior whome he preached for so many years. Our prayers are with his family.

Catherine Mikkola:

I am very sad (for us) that we have lost Dr. Kennedy -- I know Heaven is rejoicing and so is he!!

I pray the Lord will raise up other great men to take the place of those we have lost. It seems, at least with my human eyes, that we keep loosing great men of God, with so few to replace them.


He heard his Lord and Saviour say this morning, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; Enter into the joy of your lord.' What a day of rejoicing Dr. Kennedy has had this first day. Our prayers and thought are with his family and church.

Roscoe J Guinn:

A great man of GOD,i will miss him.

Roscoe J Guinn

David Rader:

Our prayers are with Dr. Kennedy's family and church. It is always sad for us when we live a giant in the faith, as Dr. Kennedy is and was. At the same time, we join the celebration of an incredible life that touched so many millions, and we rejoice that he is with the Lord. I look forward to seeing him on the other side.

Aj :

I am sad to learn that Dr. Kennedy's earthly voice is silent, but the legacy he leaves will continue for generations until the Lord's return! I am privileged to have taken EE as a young Christian. I continue to use the knowledge and principles learned through the program. Praise God that we have audio and video recordings of Dr. Kennedy's great messages to God's people.
May the God of Peace comfort his family and friends during this time of loss. Our loss is indeed Heaven's gain! I imagine Dr. Kennedy falling at the feet of Jesus upon his arrival home.


Rest in peace Dr.Kennedy.


My prayers are with Dr. Kennedy's family and members of Coral Ridge Presbytrian Church. It is indeed a sad day for America but a joyous one for heaven. He was a couragious & God fearing man who was not afraid of the politically correct. He will not be forgotten.

Jackson T. Bayless:

I and my wife of 42 years love to listen to Dr. Kennedy. His messages were always right on key with what is going on in our society and yet he preached the message of redemption to all that would accept Jesus as their savior. The Hope to all society that changes lives.

G. Richard and Myrtle Virginia Thompson:

As missionaries, now retired, we know better than to ask "Why?" but admittedly, that is on our hearts just now. We were up faithfully each Sunday morning to listen to him on Ch. 43 before we left for our own worship service. Each weekday morning, on a local station (940 AM or 1010 AM) we made sure we got to hear Dr. Kennedy. He has taught us so much. What a wonderful blessing he was to us and what powerful messages he spoke to our hearts. May our Lord bless and continue to use the ministry of Coral Ridge Presby. Church.
The Thompsons


A great saint of the Lord has gone home! I'm sure his crown is full and his rewards are many. The christian community has lost a great leader and teacher. We will miss him and may he be an inspiration to the ones that remain to walk the walk!

Karen Zyp:

I agree with those saying what a brave, unflinching fight he fought. I appreciated the many tapes and transcripts our family received. He was one of my heroes!!! May God bless and comfort his family

E Johns:

I had the privilage to hear Dr. Kennedy on the radio, see him on television and attend Coral Ridge for a while. I always enjoyed listening to him preach. He always took the stand of what was right and what was wrong. He never tip-toed around issues or spoke of a gray area. I really admired him for this. More preachers need to do this! I made an impact on my life, and I know he did many, many others. He will be truly missed.


I pray that I may develop the boldness for Christ that Dr. Kennedy had...well done...good and faithful servant...may God wrap His arms around his earthly family will they meet again.
In Christ


Strike up the band
Assemble the choir
Another soldier's coming home!
Another warrior hears the call he's waited for so long...

He'll battle no more
He's won his wars
Make sure Heaven's table has room for at least one more...

Sing a welcome song
Another soldier's coming home!

May the man of God, Dr Kennedy, rest in peace.

Elaine Norrick:

Doctor Kennedy was a great minister. His sermons were very easy to understand. He is one of my heros. I man for God and now with God. May God be with his family during this time.
Steve and Elaine Norrick

Eric & Candace Laing:

If, when we get to Heaven, we hear these words pronounced; "Well done, thou good and faithful servant", we'll know we are somewhere near Dr. Kennedy. He was one of the great Americans of the last 100 years. A true statesman in the government of God.

Pastor CPV:

Dr. Kennedy was a bold, uncompromising and faithful voice in the wilderness of denominations, a nation and world deliberately wandering from the truth of the Gospel. He taught us to ask what is life's most important question and to respond in faith to God's gift of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Thank God, neither denominations, nor critics, and not even death can silence his voice which will continue to call people to genuine repentance and uncompromising faith in Jesus, who gave His life for the sins of the world. Blessed be the memory and continued ministry of Dr. Kennedy!

Katherine Keller:

I learned so much from this man. A man who used the gifts God gave him to bless and equipt others. My now grown children used to listen to his radio show each day as a part of their homeschooling curriculum...world events!Each of them are using their talents in very different ways...fruits of his labor. I am truly sad for us, but of course he must be rejoicing with the Lord!!


Dr. Kennedy and his Truths That Transform radio & tv programs have had a significant impact on my personal walk with Jesus Christ. I have read many of his publications over the years as God has used Dr. Kennedy in a mighty way to enlarge the Kingdom. He will be truly missed but I imagine God welcomed him with open arms saying "Well done, good and faithful servant!" Mat 23:25 Thank you.

Roy Fuller:

Oh, how I will miss Dr. Kennedy's messages! They were scriptural, educational, and provocative. But hallelujah, he is suffering no more! I cannot wait to see him in heaven! May the Holy Spirit comfort his family and friends at this time of sorrow.

Alvin Fischer:

In memory of Dr. Kennedy's zeal and commitment to the Word, I wish to share the beautiful prayer for the Nations in Ps. 67.
May God be gracious and bless us and cause his face to shine upon us, that thy Way make be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations. Let the people praise Thee, O let all the people praise Thee. Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for Thou wilt judge the people righteously and govern the nations on earth. Let the people praise Thee, let all the people praise thee, then shall the earth yield her increase, and God even our own God will bless us, God will bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear him. (The Word of the Lord. Thanks be to God.)

Floyd Wright:

I started listening to Dr. Kennedy on the radio of my delivery van at work sometime last year, and I've been listening ever since. I've been telling my wife about what a dedicated man to God D James Kennedy is, because she never listens to the radio. It breaks my heart to learn of the passing of Dr. Kennedy, but apparently God decided it was time to call him home. God bless!

Julie B:

At a service one Sunday, Dr. Kennedy was preaching and said "look at the cross, not me" when we are singing, listening, praising. It always stuck with me. It wasn't about him--it was about our God, and biblical values and bringing as many of the people we can to eternal life. One could listen to him and know that Dr. Kennedy truly walked the walk with Christ. May his family be comforted knowing how much influence their husband and father has had on so many people in the world in every single country (remember the missionaries' flags of the 211 countries celebration), all of the kids who have been fortunate enough to attend WA and so many others. Our heartfelt thanks to you for supporting him in his mission.
Julie B
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Penny Bonnema:

When my children were young we saw an OLD film of Dr Kennedy strolling on Ft Lauderdale Beach determining what to do to build up his church ( it was on Commercial at that time). What an impact he has had since then all over the world. We moved from the area 18 years ago, but still enjoy hearing James Kennedy preach. There is no doubt where he rests today. Praise the Lord ! Penny


don't expect him to be gone that early and right after he retired.
I love his videos

Mr. Buist:

Dr. Kennedy has been a great warrior for Christ. As a strong history student in school I am greatful for the stories, quotes, situations,etc he would bring to attention that showed a reverence of some of history's greatest minds to God for their gifts. Dr. Kennedy's influence has been an eternal one and I thank him and his ministry for bringing to light what other text books may not to a growing student. My family's prayers are with Dr. Kenndy's family, but yet our rejoice is also proclaimed as he is now home with our loving Father in Heaven. I pray that our future as well as present generation come to know Jesus through the example Dr. Kennedy has set and the one we will continue to embark upon for his glory.

Linda Stone:

Dr. James Kennedy was a great leader and mentor
to the Christian people. He educated and preserved our heritage in America when the
liberal media was expuragating every evidence of Christian influence in American history. Because of Dr. Kennedy and others,the liberals have failed to deny the influence of the greatest work of literature
in the history of the world: The Judao-Christian Bible. Dr. Kennedy explained its influence upon the peoples and nations of the world. There is no book equal to the Bible and its transforming power. We give thanks to our Lord for the ministry of Dr. Kennedy and we are richer for his teaching and preaching. He has set the course of the future for us to follow. In keeping his vision alive we are going forward into revival of the Christian Faith and carrying the message of freedom in Christ's Gospel to the world.

Robert & Wanda:

Pastor Kennedy was one of our most favorite ministers. He was "right-on" with his knowledge of God's Word and was not ashamed to teach and preach the Pure Word of our Lord. My sympathies go to his children and family. Pastor Kennedy will be in our prayers forever, although we KNOW he is in Heaven with his Heavenly Father.
In Jesus' Name & Love,
Robert & Wanda

Jason L.:

Two huge pillars of the Church in the USA have both gone home this year:

Dr. Jerry Falwell

Dr. D. James Kennedy

The LORD Jesus will soon be coming for the rest of us.


Porter Downey:

God speed D. James... anyone that loves the truth, and heard you, loved you!


You changed the world Jim.........Thank you.

Pete Fiske:

Dr. D. James Kennedy has been an inspiration to me personally for many years. He has tirelessly over the years lived up to the Scriptures he has so eloquently taught and defended, being a prime example of I Peter 3: 15...
"and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear"

Dr. Kennedy showed me that one can be an intellectual and a Christian, and that the Bible can be trusted. He will be greatly missed.

Ron Hamelink, D. Ed.:

Dr. Kennedy's "Evangelism Explosion" was such a "Godsend" back in its early days. When before I had always struggled with how to visit with someone about the greatest and most unimaginable gift-- the Gift of Eternal Life. Dr. Kennedy, with such ease and natural grace, lighted a pathway all of us could follow: we who were so excited to share the Good News, and those groping in the dark tunnel of their lives. His Gospel presentation is such a clear ray of hope, lighting the pathway to the Savior. He uncomplicated that path, cleared away the clutter which might have kept so many from entering the gate. I saw the Gospel clearly, and could share it with ease and confidence ever since.

We have had to give him up to the next world, where "an abundant entrance" was surely given to him this morning. Don't you wonder how many were there, with the Christ he loved so much, who would never have been there if he hadn't helped to mark the clear pathway to eternal life? If only Christ will be that proud of each of us, if we continue now to be the watchman who can answer the question: "Watchman, What of the night?" as society continues into the ever-darkening night of hopelessness.

God ever bless his memory.

Ron Hamelink, D. Ed., Counselor


Dr. Kennedy will be sorely missed. I am a Freewill Baptist but I know that he was a man of God and I enjoyed his sermons every Sunday morning before I went to church. How I pray that God will send more men like Dr. Kennedy to preach the Word of God to a lost and dying world. My brother has received his reward and I send my condolences to his family and his church. God Bless You All



Dr Kennedy was a faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The true fruit of his ministry will be those who take the torch to tell and live the truth...
God is Holy, Man is sinful. The wages of our sin is death, but God breached the gulf between Himself and man through the God/man, Jesus the perfect Son of God, when He gave His life to pay the penalty for our sin. It is our faith in Jesus Christ, trusting Him alone for our salvation, then living the rest of our lives as a "thank you" to Him, that saves us and proves our salvation.

This was Dr Kennedy's message, and his expressed desire was that every Believer would be able to share that truth to everyone with whom they came in contact. mem

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