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"To me, there's only one goal in life, and that is love. For me, music has been a doorway to finding love, to expressing love, to crying out for love, to rejoicing in finding love. And when I'm on stage, that is what I'm trying to feel, trying to convey, trying to put out in everything I do on stage. And hopefully that will be felt by the audience, and they will go away filled up, in some way, with their hearts touched."

Welcome to the Roger Hodgson Zoo, proudly serving fans across the world since September 7, 1997. I have been a proud supporter of Roger and his music for 23+ years now, and I maintain this site to honor the music and the man. I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting this site over this past decade, for signing the guestbook, and for making this site what it is today - it would have been nothing without you! :) I do hope you take the time in signing the guestbook, and if you wish to leave a message for Roger, I will make sure that your post gets forwarded on.

** And the Winners Are... **

Congratulations to Barbara Groß-Gordon from Walldorf, Germany. She is the grand prize winner of the Cardiff Ticket and Backstage Pass giveaway.

Congratulation to Wally Hilts from Ajax, Ontario. He is the grand prize winner of the $75.00 gift certificate to the Roger Hodgson Online Store.

** News **

Here are a couple of new articles to read about Roger's upcoming UK tour:

South Wales Evening Post (.pdf) | Manchester Evening News

A note on YouTube: Someone swiped 3 videos off of my website and posted them on YouTube without my permission: "Keep the Pigeons Warm," "The More I Look," and "Open the Door." These videos were taken from an RTBF special Roger did back in 2000 during his promotion of "Open the Door." I spent several hours editing and formatting these videos specifically for this website and NOT for YouTube.

Live in Montreal DVD

Roger's DVD "Take the Long Way Home - Live in Montreal" is slated for worldwide release this fall. The US release is scheduled for September 17th. New artwork and subtitles are a few of the new features for this release. CLICK HERE for more information. For a limited time, you can still purchase the autographed Canadian release at

** The Minstrel's Dream: Roger Hodgson Forum **

The Minstrel's Dream: Roger Hodgson Forum

Looking for a place to chat with other Roger and Supertramp fans from around the world? Check out The Minstrel's Dream: Roger Hodgson Forum. If you like what you see and read, please consider becoming a member. Roger and Harmonic Management surf the forum from time to time, and they enjoy reading the posts that members leave there. We also implemented a 24-hour chat room which is open to everyone (not just Minstrel's Dream members), so now you can chat live with other fans.

** LogicalTramp **
(New 9/3)

LogicalTramp, UKs only Supertramp tribute band, will be performing live at The Galtymore Dance Hall in Cricklewood, North London on Thursday, November 22nd. For more information on the venue, please visit For more information on LogicalTramp, please visit

** Rita's Music Corner**
(updated 7/28)

I took 2nd place in the Boone County Fair Talent show finals this evening! This was an amazing experience for me, and I am just thrilled to have placed that high because the competition was fierce! Congratulations to all the participants tonight - what a treat it was to listen to such great local talent!

Recording of my CD, entitled "Hearts & Keys" will resume in August. For more information, please visit my website at