Big Brother has given housemates a fun Task today - to make a movie of their time in the Big Brother House. They have been given a video camera with 60 minutes of tape, props and wigs for them to use.

"Housemates have three hours to film various scenes that reflect their time in the House," Ziggy read, having collected the Task laminate. "They then hand the footage over to Big Brother whereupon it is edited into a movie."

The twins laughed and whooped, especially on hearing that Big Brother is going to convert the sofa area into a mini cinema complete with a popcorn machine and even a pic'n'mix! Whoo.

"We can use various wigs and things," Jonty suggested, "and a different wig can go on for each person."

"That's a cool Task, man," Ziggy enthused, before reading further: "The premiere of Big Brother 8 is going to be later."

"We have three hours?" Jonty asked.

"It's an hour," Carole told him. "It's going to be really tightly edited."

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Housemates have to reflect the main events featured in their time in the House, and play every character. But will they remember all their best bits?

"We had Seány and Gerry..." Ziggy mused.

"The fish Task and the Lesley incident," Carole noted, as the other housemates racked their brains to recall the House's biggest moments.

Will the housemates be immortalised on celluloid and make the most of their 15 minutes of fame? Check back later to find out!