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Great Commission Churches is a U.S. based fellowship of independent churches designed to equip, unite and provide accountability to churches and ministries that have a desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Our heart is that churches will model "New Testament Christianity in Action Today."


While each church is autonomous, they all share the following values and distinctives with the Great Commission Churches association:



The Great Commission Church: New Testament Christianity in Action Today

As in the first Century, we see the local church as our primary vehicle to fulfill the Great Commission. The entire church membership is to be empowered by God to be active in culturally relevant evangelism, building one another in love, and growing in leadership, resulting in new churches being multiplied. We emphasize discipling and equipping people at every age and stage of life to daily live out the Great Commission like we see the New Testament. We promote training pastors and leaders within the church to develop in servant leadership, sacrificial lifestyles, Christ-like character, and practical ministry skills.


Dynamic Community: Strong Families, Loving Churches, Servant Leaders

We seek to create and sustain loving communities between generations and among individual families, within local churches and regions of churches, between ministries in the Great Commission church movement, and with believers in the greater body of Christ.  In the same way that we see in the book of Acts, we value a plurality of pastor-elders leading the church –humble and faith-filled men who as a “band of brothers” are leaders and encouragers to one another.


Connecting with the Next Generation: Ministering to Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Although we minister to all ages, we seek to have churches that are attractive to the next generation. While committed to fulfill the Great Commission through and for every generation, we recognize that this mission can only be fulfilled as the “torch” is continually passed to the next generation, through salvations, new churches, and new leaders. Our churches are “for all generations” with a special focus on connecting with the next generation—churches that are “inclusively young.”  A key strategy is influencing and penetrating high school and college campuses.


Services and Programs

Great Commission Churches helps coordinate ministry activity in the U.S., including church planting, youth events, leadership development, and church growth. GCC also collects and distributes equipping resources for church leaders and members.


The following is a list of some of GCC’s events and resources for local churches:


  • Great Commission Leadership Institute Foundations Program (GCLI) – Church-based leadership development for pastors-in-training
  • GCLI “Going Deeper” Regionals – Ongoing doctrinal and core value discussions for current pastors and leaders
  • Faithwalkers Conference – Dynamic conference for teens, young adults, and anyone who wants to refresh their faith and vision
  • Pastors Conference – Annual gathering of church pastors and leaders
  • Mission USA – Cooperative church planting in the U.S.
  • The Antioch Project – Fund raising effort for domestic and international church planting
  • Large Church Roundtable – Annual event focused on churches over 500 or church leaders who want to grow to that size


Accountability to Churches - The accountability process in Great Commission Churches

  • Web Resources – A wide variety of tools and resources for the local pastor and his staff