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"Second Languages Matter"



Kim Siegfriedt


Creative Household


Description of the project:

In this project for Grade 7 French immersion, students had to use their imagination to invent a household product that would not only be creative, but also be marketable. They had to prepare a product and test it for effectiveness and correct any major flaws. They provided promotional flyers / public announcements to promote their particular product. The students were given a copy of the evaluation scheme for their product at the onset of the project. Examples of products include: un décroûteur (the project that cuts the crust off bread), Les lunettes de nuit, and le Catapulte à crêpes.

The class served as a Board of Directors who evaluated the completed product and its presentation. They then decided whether or not to finance its production. The students had to do some research to ensure they were not copying an already marketed product.

Since the students had to prepare written reports, advertisements and public service announcements for their invention, the language skill enhancements were astonishing. They expanded their vocabulary base as well as their speaking proficiency.

On our website,, we will continue to invite other students to have a look at our inventions and to create new products of their own.

Ms. Siegfriedt stated: “I found the project to be of great value since the students had to meet the outlined curriculum components both in Technology and in French Language Arts as well. Some of them even went further to incorporate Math and Science with surveys and in-depth explanations during their presentations. This entire project was student-centered and student-controlled. And they were proud of their finished products”.

Autobiography of Kim Siegfriedt:

Kim Siegfriedt is a Late French Immersion teacher at Crescent Collegiate in Blaketown, NL who teaches Maths, Sciences, Sciences Humaines, Français (de base and arts langagiers), Technologie, Santé and Religion. She has been teaching since 1997 and she loves her job! She completed her Masters of Education (teaching and learning) in 2001.

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