Big Brother has given the housemates a very unusual Task today - to devise their own Tasks!

The housemates have to get into pairs and think up a Task using the blackboard they'll be given. Big Brother is also giving them 20 random words to stimulate their 'creative process'. Oo-er!

The housemates looked a bit non-plussed as the twins read out the laminate from Big Brother. Carole paired up with Sam and Amanda, Brian with Liam and Jonty with Ziggy. They then sat in silence, scribbling away on the blackboards and looking pensive.

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After 45 minutes, they'll pitch their Task to Big Brother in the Diary Room. Big Brother will then choose one Task for the housemates to carry out later today.

Oh, and the Task they come up with has a budget of £100 and must not use live animals. Big Brother, you're so prescriptive!