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Claudia meeting with community leaders Nicaragua
Claudia Bermúdez was born in Nicaragua, a country with a long history of economic, political, and social instability. She arrived in the United States as a child, but remained interested in the politics of her native country, having directly felt the impact of ineffective government. Growing up she spent time living in Mexico, Nicaragua, and San Francisco. Thus, she developed an appreciation for different cultures, people, and systems of government.

Growing up in San Francisco Claudia learned English and attended public elementary and junior high schools. As a teenager, she was named Miss Nicaragua at the Latin American Spring Festival. At the age of sixteen she moved once again to Nicaragua to be with her father, and graduated from the American-Nicaraguan High School in Managua.

Claudia attended Hawaii Loa College in Kaneohe and in 1988 graduated magna cum laude in Social Science with an emphasis in Business and Economics. As a student leader, she was elected Senior Class President, was Managing Editor of the College Newspaper, and was named to Who's Who of College and University Students , and Outstanding Young Women of America . She received the Ward Mardfin Award for Excellence in Business and Economics. Claudia went on to receive a Master's degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 1999. Later, she began doctoral studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center.

Claudia at
Candidacy Filing:
Superior Court of California, Oakland
Before joining the ranks of Bay Area entrepreneurs, Claudia worked in various job fields. Her first job was a file clerk for a large insurance company; at one time she was a member of Local 856 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Today she is CEO of SeniorJobShop.com, the first commercial online job service exclusively for people over 50.


Claudia Bermúdez is the first Nicaraguan-American to be the nominee of a major party for a seat in the Congress of the United States.

Claudia is proud to carry on a tradition of political activism that she inherited from her late father, Enrique Bermúdez, who led the pro-democracy forces against the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 1980s. She began her involvement in politics during the communist takeover, and even though she was not permitted to visit Nicaragua, she joined the pro-democracy movement in the United States with other exiled Nicaraguans.

The peace accords signed by Nicaragua's various political factions led to the first free elections in its history in 1990. The following year Claudia's father was assassinated by political enemies. This tragic loss was difficult, but deepened her passion for freedom, and steeled her resolve to continue her political efforts in Nicaragua and here at home. It also served as an impetus to magnify the lessons she learned in democracy and human rights. On her many visits to Nicaragua since then, Claudia has been an outspoken advocate for freedom and democracy; she has appeared on numerous Spanish-language television and radio shows in both the United States and Nicaragua. She has played a pivotal role in Nicaraguan presidential elections, having spoken to crowds of 30,000 people. Claudia continues to be a champion of democratic values and ideals.


Claudia with Senate Majority Leader
Bill Frist, Tennessee
The Ninth Congressional District is a region of importance and promise. It is home to one of the world's largest ports, an international airport, and the finest university in the western United States (Go Bears!). It has a richness of cultures second to none. The Ninth district needs a representative in tune with its people and potential. Claudia's unique experiences and education will provide the people of District 9 with an alternative they have not had in years: to replace the incumbent with a representative in Washington who has the real interests of the district at heart.

Claudia's priorities include finding new ways to improve our educational system to meet the needs of a diverse community, developing health care policy that works, creating the conditions necessary for small businesses to succeed, and most importantly, ensuring that Americans are safe now and in the future.

Claudia with her twin nephew and niece Jimmy and Jenny
Claudia is in touch with the people of District 9. She has long been active in local cultural preservation efforts and is a former board member of the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society. In 1996, Claudia was proud to be listed as an Oakland resident who was one of the top 10,000 finishers (out of approximately 100,000 runners) at the San Francisco Bay to Breakers. She served on the Board of the Lakeside Drive Homeowners Association, and is the current Chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Alameda County and President of the Alameda Republican Women, Federated.

Claudia lives with her husband Brian, a human resources professional, and looks forward to serving the people of the California Ninth Congressional District.

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