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Do you believe that the U.S. Government was complicit in 911, and Guilty of the Crime of 911? Vote now!
Yes, I have no Doubt in my Mind, "Elite Officials & their Handlers" in the U.S. are Guilty
Yes, I think there is High Probability that "elements of the US goverment" committed 9/11...
No, 911 was carried out by Usama and his 19 Terrorist's
No. but I do believe the Bush Administration let it happen on purpose
I am new to this, and not sure, but it sure doesn't look good for America

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Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 10/12/2006 07:21 PM (Read: 15571)
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The Appendage, or Pod on Flight 175

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 12/22/2004 03:08 AM (Read: 348508)
The Obvious Appendage on Flight 175 The Appendage or Pod on the Fuselage of Flight 175 One of the more controversial issues among 911 researchers, if for no other reason than it is so obvious and easy to see that something is terribly wrong with this aircraft. It was recorded and shown by all News Media sources, CNN, ABC, FOX, New York Times, Camera-Planet, Newsday Magazine and countless others. It doesn't matter what it is. What matters is that it shouldn't be there, and shows beyond reasonable doubt that this was not Flight 175, which took off from Boston International Airport on 911.
Read More

Rocket, Missile or Incendiary Device on Flight 175 - 911

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 12/23/2004 02:02 AM (Read: 462476)
The Flash Incendiary Device on Flight 175 The Bright Orange Flash caused by a Rocket, Missile or Incendiary Device - Flight 175 This Flash shows up in all of the News Medias footage as well. CNN, ABC, Jennifer Spells CNN Footage, Camera- Planet and looks as though it were caused by some sort of rocket, missile or incendiary device which was released from this aircrafts fuselage just prior to impact. And in one angle of footage, there is actually a white projectile which is seen flying nose to nose just prior to impact, and which apparently makes this bright orange entry hole at the same time this airliners nose is plowing into this building.
Read More

Conspiracy of Silence Video -

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 07/08/2006 06:48 PM (Read: 119112)

The Franklin Cover Up - The Worst Cover Up in all of American History The Franklin Cover Up - The Worst Cover Up in All of American History This Story is one of the most scandalous stories ever to surface in America. It is a documented case of Satanism, Human Sacrifice, and Government run and government protected pedophilia rings, which are there to serve the sick and perverse needs of the 'Elite' who run this Nation, Congressman, Senators, Presidents, Judges, you name the office, and you can bet it is filled with pedophiles who use the "services" of such kidnapping and pedophile rings which are government run and protected. A rare insight into the criminality of the FBI.
Read More

Geronimo Jones - Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 12/22/2004 03:06 AM (Read: 219932)
The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center The Controlled Disintegration of the World Trade Center on 911 That these Towers were brought down by explosives on 911 there can be no doubt. from their faster than or equal to fall in free fall speeds in a Vacuum, to many Fireman's testimony that there were explosives, bombs going off everywhere, from the time the planes struck the Towers to the time they fell, in 9 & 10 seconds respectively. There is so much irrefutable evidence and proof that these Towers were brought down by explosives that it can no longer be doubted by anyone with reason and common sense.
Read More

No Plane at Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 03/04/2005 07:17 PM (Read: 235387)
The Missing Plane at Shanksville The Case of the missing Plane at Shanksville The Mayor of Shanksville remarked how odd it was to get to the Scene in Shanksville, and find that there was no evidence of a plane. The photographs and video evidence show and back this claim up. There is no burnt out areas of the field where this plane allegedly crashed into the earth. And all of the wreckage which was retrieved could be fit into the back of a single pick up truck and a few plastic bags. (AP source) There is little doubt that there was no plane crash here, nor even a shoot down, as there is not enough wreckage to support either of these claims.
Read More

The Pentagon and the Strange case of the missing Boeing 757

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 01/22/2005 12:44 AM (Read: 184082)
The Strange Case of the Missing Boeing at the Pentagon The Strange Case of the Missing Boeing at the Pentagon Some people such as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have said that none of this evidence should be used or pursued by 911 investigators, claiming that some day the government will produce a video showing a 757 hitting the Pentagon, thus casting aspersion onto all the other evidence. What they fail to realize, is that the government cannot produce any footage that would contradict what they have already given out. And they have indeed backed themselves into a corner on the Pentagon issue, and cannot change their story.
Read More

FAA Controlled Impact Demonstration - 1984 - by: Phil Jayhan

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 01/14/2005 12:03 PM (Read: 147255)
Nasa and FAA Controlled Impact Demonstration in December of 1984 at Dryden Flight Research Center. In this photograph the B-720 is seen making a practice close approach over the prepared impact site. The wing openers, designed to tear open the wings and spill the fuel, are clearly seen on the ground just at the start of the bed of rocks. Exibit 175 - Nasa and FAA Controlled Impact Demonstration Posted on Saturday, September 25 @ 19:42:55 PDT by admin Exhibit 175.1.NASA -

Read More

Aarron Russo Dies, Today, Friday, August 24, 2007

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 08/24/2007 03:57 PM

Aaron Russo

February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007

You changed America with your presence, you have awoken millions to the truth, we will finish the game.

911 MYSTERIES - Controlled Demlitions Part 1

Posted by: Phil_Jayhan on 07/24/2007 08:37 PM (Read: 2625)

The first of a series - now being called the "9/11 Matrix"!"Excellent. The best of the 9/11 movies." --David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor "WOW! is my reaction to this movie. Great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/2001." --Steven E. Jones, physics professor, Brigham Young University "An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11. Simply superb."--James H. Fetzer, founder, Scholars for 911 Truth

Read More

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