(As reported in the Newcastle Morning Herald, 20th January, 1938. Copy of the original excerpt is pictured below.)

The Minister for Education (Mr. D. H. Drummond) allowed an Infants School for 1st and 2nd classes to be established in the Memorial Hall at Kahibah in 1938.

The Memorial Hall was given rent free to the Department of Education for 12 months. The Minister emphasised the need for maintaining regular average attendances of 10 pupils. Should the numbers fall below that he would be compelled to withdraw the teacher.

The first teacher-in-charge was Miss Elizabeth Meade.

33 children were enrolled in February, 1938 - 7 children leaving the school within 6 months. The school population fluctuated over the next twelve years.

1942 Marj Brickman
1946 Mary Walklate
1947 Eileen Laffy
1948 Mabel Munday
1950 Isabella Niland

In 1948 the Government Architect was asked to expedite the plans for a new school at Kahibah (not the present site, now park).

In 1949 a deputation of 6 representatives was sent to Sydney to ask to have the Infants School built on land at Kahibah owned by the Department of Education. Plans were prepared in 1949.

One teacher was teaching 50 Infants pupils. It was claimed that when the new school opened 140 pupils would attend.

The Infants school closed for a short while in 1951, most children attending Charlestown school.

The school reopened in January, 1952 as a Primary School. Teacher-in-charge was Thomas Talbot.

6.5 acres was acquired by resumption from various owners in 1953 - a further acre was purchased in 1955.

After acquisition of the land, a building a 4 classrooms was erected at a cost of £7,540 (middle section of our present building).

It was occupied in October, 1954 - teacher-in-charge being John Roach.

A further 2 classrooms (Eastern side) were built at a cost of £3,529 and was occupied in November, 1955.


In 1960 another 2 classrooms were added at a cost of £6,190.

In 1966 Mrs. Rose Bailey was appointed as the first Infants Mistress but did not move into the new Infants Building on the lower area until about 18 months later.

11th AUGUST 1956

The peak our School population was reached in the mid seventies. At one stage in the Infants Department we had a demountable classroom and approximately 450 pupils in the whole school.

Due to falling numbers the school lost its Infants Department in 1981, but for several years the infants classes remained "down the hill" until finally in 1984 the Department handed over the Infants building to the T.A.F.E. and the Primary building was remodelled to accommodate the Infants classes.