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House Votes Out Sheryl 5 to 3

One HouseGuest was expelled from the Big Brother house, another evicted by normal voting. Justin, the bartender from Bayonne, New Jersey was expelled from the house for breaking the established rules set forth. Justin threatened HouseGuests with physical violence and intimidation, a violation of one of the most serious house rules.

Host Julie Chen explained that Justin had been given an official warning that such behavior would not be tolerated anymore. Justin repeated this warning, proving that he understood the rule. Nevertheless, his behavior, which included destruction of house property, culminated in a final incident in which he and Krista were kissing on the kitchen table. Justin picked up a metal carpet sweeper and said to her "Would you get mad if I cracked you over the head with this?" He swung it at an unfazed Krista in slow motion, puts the sweeper down and returns to kissing her. At this point he walks away from her in the kitchen and says "Would you get mad if I killed you?" He picks up a large knife, returns to Krista and while they are kissing, places the knife against her throat. He takes the knife away momentarily, but with Krista's encouragement, returns the knife to her throat as he kisses her again. As the kiss breaks, he puts the knife away.

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