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Toon Run

Toonrun is a Map for the Half-Life Mod Sven Co-Op. The whole map is - as the name suggests - pretty "toony" designed with colorful textures and wild scenery. Although the Map does not really make sense, what does it matter, as long it's fun to play ? And because Toonrun comes with Sven Coop since version 2.5, it cannot be that bad, can it?

Another thing is that, Toonrun has been published as "Open Source", so all interested mappers can take a look at the whole Source.

Toon Run Map for the Half-Life Mod Sven Co-Op
Version: 1.2 Release
System Requirements PC with Half-Life and the modification Sven Co-Op installed
Download Toonrun is included in Sven Co-Op, so just download this mod.
Download Map Source (1.07 MB)

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