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Best Health Plans NCQA
Rankings: Commercial Plans Medicare Plans   |   Medicaid Plans

The commercial health plans below were evaluated in four major categories: access to care, member satisfaction, and effective delivery of preventive services and treatment. The shaded boxes indicate performance, from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). The highest possible score is 100 points, including approximately 15 points for accreditation.

For more details about a plan, click on its name. Compare up to four plans by checking boxes at left. Roll over column headings for definitions. See glossary for more complete explanations.

Based on score. Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid health plans are ranked separately.
The highest possible score is 100. The score summarizes clinical and service performance in four major categories: access to care, overall member satisfaction, prevention, and treatment.
NCQA accreditation:
NCQA is managed care's major accrediting body.
Where the plan operates.
Access to care:
Getting needed care, getting care quickly.
Overall member satisfaction:
Doctors' communication skills; high rating of personal doctor or nurse, rating of specialist; high rating of healthcare received; customer service; high rating of plan services.
See glossary for full definition.
See glossary for full definition.
Rank Score NCQA accreditation State Access to care Overall member satisfaction Prevention Treatment
1 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HMO, POS)
93.2 Yes MA, ME
2 Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization (HMO, POS)
92.7 Yes MA, NH, RI
3 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England (HMO, POS)
92.4 Yes NH
4 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts (HMO, POS)
91.4 Yes MA
5 Capital District Physicians' Health Plan (HMO, POS)
90.8 Yes NY
6 ConnectiCare (HMO, POS)
90.7 Yes CT
7 UPMC Health Plan (HMO, POS)
90.7 Yes PA
8 Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (HMO)
90.6 Yes WI
9 Independent Health Association (HMO)
90.6 Yes NY
10 Preferred Care (HMO, POS)
90.4 Yes NY
11 Fallon Community Health Plan (HMO, POS)
90.0 Yes MA
12 Care Choices HMO (HMO)
89.7 Yes MI
13 Priority Health (HMO)
89.6 Yes MI
14 Health Net of Connecticut (HMO, POS)
89.6 Yes CT
15 Health New England (HMO, POS)
89.5 Yes CT, MA
16 BlueShield of Northeastern New York (HMO, POS)
89.4 Yes NY
17 PersonalCare Insurance of Illinois (HMO, POS)
89.3 Yes IL
18 Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Rochester Region (HMO, POS)
89.2 Yes NY
19 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire (HMO, POS)
89.1 Yes NH
19 Matthew Thornton Health Plan (HMO, POS)
89.1 Yes NH
20 MVP Health Plan (HMO, POS)
89.1 Yes NY, VT
21 HealthAmerica Pennsylvania/HealthAssurance Pennsylvania (HMO, POS)
89.1 Yes PA
22 Keystone Health Plan West (HMO) (HMO)
89.1 Yes PA
23 ConnectiCare of Massachusetts (HMO, POS)
89.0 Yes MA
24 Security Health Plan of Wisconsin (HMO)
88.9 Yes WI
25 Univera Healthcare (HMO, POS)
88.9 Yes NY
26 Physicians Health Plan of Mid-Michigan (HMO, POS)
88.8 Yes MI
27 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield - Connecticut (HMO, POS)
88.8 Yes CT
28 Capital Health Plan (HMO)
88.7 Yes FL
29 HealthPlus of Michigan (HMO, POS)
88.7 Yes MI
30 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (POS)
88.6 Yes VT
31 Keystone Health Plan West (POS) (POS)
88.5 Yes PA
32 Grand Valley Health Plan (HMO)
88.5 Yes MI
33 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (HMO, POS)
88.1 Yes ME
34 BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York (HMO, POS)
88.1 Yes NY
35 Aetna Health - Connecticut (HMO, POS)
88.0 Yes CT
36 Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HMO)
88.0 Yes MI
37 Health Alliance Medical Plans (HMO, POS)
87.9 Yes IA, IL
38 CIGNA HealthCare of New Hampshire (HMO, POS)
87.9 Yes NH
39 Physicians Health Plan of South Michigan (HMO, POS)
87.9 Yes MI
40 Upstate HMO (HMO)
87.8 Yes NY
41 Network Health Plan (HMO)
87.8 Yes WI
42 Keystone Health Plan Central (HMO)
87.7 Yes PA
43 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (POS)
87.7 Yes MA, RI
44 HealthPartners (HMO, POS)
87.5 Yes MN
45 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern California (HMO)
87.4 Yes CA
46 The Vermont Health Plan (HMO, POS)
87.3 Yes VT
47 Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation (HMO, POS)
87.3 Yes WI
48 SummaCare (HMO, POS)
87.2 Yes OH
49 Aetna Health - New Jersey (Southern) (HMO, POS)
87.2 Yes NJ
50 Optima Health Plan (HMO, POS)
87.1 Yes VA
51 Oxford Health Plans of Connecticut (HMO, POS)
87.1 Yes CT
52 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (HMO, POS)
87.1 Yes DE
53 CIGNA HealthCare of Maine (HMO, POS)
87.0 Yes ME
54 CIGNA HealthCare of Colorado (HMO, POS)
86.8 Yes CO
55 Medical Associates Health Plan (HMO, POS)
86.8 Yes IA, IL
55 Medical Associates Health Plans (HMO, POS)
86.8 Yes WI
56 Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa (HMO, POS)
86.8 Yes IA
57 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado (HMO)
86.7 Yes CO
86.7 Yes MI
59 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio (HMO, POS)
86.6 Yes OH
60 Humana Wisconsin Health Organization Insurance Corporation (HMO, POS)
86.6 Yes WI
61 Dean Health Plan (HMO)
86.6 Yes WI
62 UnitedHealthcare of New England (HMO, POS)
86.5 Yes CT, MA, NH, RI
63 Southern Health Services (HMO, POS)
86.5 Yes VA, WV
64 Aetna Health - Maine (HMO, POS)
86.5 Yes ME
65 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia (HMO) (HMO)
86.4 Yes GA
66 Aetna Health - Massachusetts (HMO, POS)
86.4 Yes MA
67 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio (HMO)
86.3 Yes OH
68 CIGNA HealthCare Mid-Atlantic (HMO, POS)
86.3 Yes MD, VA, DC
69 Empire BlueCross BlueShield HMO (HMO, POS)
86.3 Yes NY
70 Blue Care Network of Michigan (HMO)
86.3 Yes MI
71 Aetna Health of the Carolinas (HMO, POS)
86.2 Yes NC, SC
72 HealthKeepers (HMO, POS)
86.2 Yes VA
72 Peninsula Health Care (HMO, POS)
86.2 Yes VA
72 Priority Health Care (HMO, POS)
86.2 Yes VA
73 Health Plan Hawaii (HMO)
86.2 Yes HI
74 Geisinger Health Plan (HMO, POS)
86.1 Yes PA
75 Capital Advantage Insurance Company (POS)
86.1 Yes PA
76 CIGNA HealthCare of North Carolina (HMO, POS)
86.0 Yes NC
77 Paramount Health Care (HMO)
86.0 Yes OH
78 Scott and White Health Plan (HMO)
86.0 Yes TX
79 UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley (HMO)
85.9 Yes IL, IA, TN, VA
79 UnitedHealthcare Services Company of the River Valley (HMO)
85.9 Yes IA, IL, TN, VA
80 Aetna Health - Ohio (HMO, POS)
85.9 Yes IN, KY, OH
81 Aetna Health - Pennsylvania (HMO, POS)
85.9 Yes PA
82 UnitedHealthcare of Colorado (HMO, POS)
85.9 Yes CO
83 Medical Mutual of Ohio (HMO, POS)
85.9 Yes OH
84 Arnett Health Plans (HMO, POS)
85.8 Yes IN
85 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (HMO, POS)
85.8 Yes NC
86 OSF Health Plans (HMO, POS)
85.8 Yes IL
87 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Indiana (HMO, POS)
85.7 Yes IN
88 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky (HMO, POS)
85.7 Yes KY
89 Health Net of New York (HMO, POS)
85.7 Yes NY
90 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern California (HMO)
85.7 Yes CA
91 Aetna Health - Delaware (HMO, POS)
85.6 Yes DE
92 Keystone Health Plan East (HMO, POS)
85.6 Yes PA
93 UnitedHealthcare of the Midwest (HMO, POS)
85.6 Yes IL, KS, MO
94 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Hawaii (HMO)
85.6 Yes HI
95 CIGNA HealthCare of Massachusetts (HMO, POS)
85.5 Yes MA
96 Health First Health Plans (HMO)
85.5 Yes FL
97 Health Net of New Jersey (HMO, POS)
85.5 Yes NJ
98 PacifiCare of Colorado (HMO, POS)
85.4 Yes CO
99 UnitedHealthcare of Ohio (HMO, POS)
85.4 Yes IN, KY, OH
100 PacifiCare of Oregon (HMO)
85.4 Yes OR
101 CIGNA HealthCare of St. Louis (HMO, POS)
85.3 Yes IL, MO
102 UnitedHealthcare of Georgia (HMO, POS)
85.3 Yes GA
103 Aetna Health - Colorado (HMO, POS)
85.3 Yes CO
104 First Priority Health (HMO, POS)
85.2 Yes PA
105 CareFirst BlueChoice (HMO, POS)
85.2 Yes MD, VA, DC
106 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States (HMO)
85.2 Yes MD, VA, DC
107 UnitedHealthcare of New York (HMO, POS)
85.1 Yes NY
108 Oxford Health Plans of New York (HMO, POS)
85.1 Yes NY
109 CIGNA HealthCare of Tennessee (HMO, POS)
85.1 Yes TN
110 PacifiCare of Washington (HMO)
85.0 Yes WA
111 The Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley (HMO)
85.0 Yes OH, WV
112 Medica (HMO, POS)
85.0 Yes MN, ND, SD, WI
113 Group Health Cooperative (HMO)
84.9 Yes ID, WA
114 UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin (HMO, POS)
84.9 Yes WI
115 Aetna Health - Maryland (HMO, POS)
84.8 Yes MD, VA, DC
116 UnitedHealthcare of Florida (HMO, POS)
84.8 Yes FL
117 Oxford Health Plans of New Jersey (HMO, POS)
84.8 Yes NJ
118 BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina (HMO, POS)
84.7 Yes SC
119 UnitedHealthcare of Texas (HMO, POS)
84.6 Yes TX
120 Coventry Health Care of Iowa (HMO, POS)
84.6 Yes IA
121 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest (HMO)
84.6 Yes OR, WA
122 CIGNA HealthCare of Delaware (HMO, POS)
84.5 Yes DE
123 Humana Health Plan (HMO, POS)
84.5 Yes IN, KY
124 Aetna Health - Georgia (HMO, POS)
84.5 Yes GA
125 Western Health Advantage (HMO)
84.5 Yes CA
126 MercyCare HMO (HMO)
84.5 Yes WI
127 PacifiCare of Oklahoma (HMO)
84.4 Yes OK
128 Blue Plus (HMO, POS)
84.4 Yes MN
129 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Compcare) (HMO, POS)
84.4 Yes WI
130 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Austin) (HMO)
84.4 Yes TX
131 PacifiCare of Texas (Dallas/Austin) (HMO)
84.4 Yes TX
132 M Plan (HMO)
84.4 Yes IN
133 CIGNA HealthCare of Georgia (HMO, POS)
84.3 Yes GA
134 MD - Individual Practice Association (HMO, POS)
84.3 Yes MD, VA, DC
135 Humana Health Plan of Ohio (HMO, POS)
84.3 Yes IN, KY, OH
136 Aetna Health - Florida (HMO, POS)
84.3 Yes FL
84.3 Yes NY
138 UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina (HMO, POS)
84.3 Yes NC, SC
139 AmeriHealth HMO - Delaware (HMO, POS)
84.2 Yes DE
140 Aetna Health - Tennessee (HMO, POS)
84.2 Yes TN
141 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, Good Health HMO (Blue-Care) (HMO)
84.2 Yes KS, MO
142 Aetna Health - Missouri (HMO, POS)
84.2 Yes IL, KS, MO
143 UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands (HMO, POS)
84.2 Yes IA, IL, NE, WI
144 Aetna Health - New York (HMO, POS)
84.2 Yes NY
145 UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky (HMO, POS)
84.1 Yes IN, KY
146 Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia (HMO, POS)
84.1 Yes GA
147 Optimum Choice (HMO, POS)
84.1 Yes DE, MD, VA, WV, DC
148 CIGNA HealthCare of Florida (HMO, POS)
84.0 Yes FL
149 CIGNA HealthCare of Ohio (HMO, POS)
84.0 Yes IN, KY, OH
150 AmeriHealth HMO - New Jersey (HMO, POS)
83.9 Yes NJ
151 CIGNA HealthCare of Indiana (HMO, POS)
83.8 Yes IN
152 Aetna Health - Texas (HMO, POS)
83.7 Yes TX
153 CIGNA HealthCare of South Carolina (HMO, POS)
83.7 Yes SC
154 Health Options (HMO)
83.6 Yes FL
155 UnitedHealthcare of Tennessee (HMO, POS)
83.6 Yes TN
156 WPS Health Plan (HMO, POS)
83.6 Yes WI
157 UnitedHealthcare of Arizona (HMO, POS)
83.5 Yes AZ
158 Horizon HMO (HMO)
83.5 Yes NJ
159 Humana Health Plan of Texas (San Antonio) (HMO)
83.5 Yes TX
160 ADVANTAGE Health Solutions (HMO)
83.4 Yes IN
161 SelectHealth (HMO, POS)
83.4 Yes ID, UT
162 CIGNA HealthCare of Kansas/Missouri (HMO, POS)
83.4 Yes KS, MO
163 CIGNA HealthCare of Pennsylvania (HMO, POS)
83.3 Yes PA
163 PacifiCare of Texas (San Antonio/Houston) (HMO)
83.3 Yes TX
164 AvMed Health Plans (HMO, POS)
83.2 Yes FL
165 CIGNA HealthCare of Texas (HMO, POS)
83.2 Yes TX
166 CIGNA HealthCare of Illinois (HMO, POS)
83.2 Yes IL, IN
167 Health Net of Arizona (HMO)
83.2 Yes AZ
168 Aetna Health - Oklahoma (HMO, POS)
83.0 Yes OK
169 PacifiCare of California (HMO, POS)
82.9 Yes CA
170 UnitedHealthcare of New Jersey (HMO, POS)
82.8 Yes NJ
171 Aetna Health - New Jersey (Northern) (HMO, POS)
82.7 Yes NJ
172 HIP Health Plan of New York (HMO, POS)
82.7 Yes NY
173 UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic (HMO, POS)
82.7 Yes MD, VA, DC
174 Neighborhood Health Partnership (HMO, POS)
82.7 Yes FL
175 CIGNA HealthCare of Arizona (HMO, POS)
82.6 Yes AZ, NM
176 PacifiCare of Arizona (HMO)
82.6 Yes AZ
177 Sioux Valley Health Plan (HMO)
82.5 Yes IA, MN, SD
177 Sioux Valley Health Plan of Minnesota (HMO)
82.5 Yes MN
178 QualChoice Health Plan (HMO, POS)
82.5 Yes OH
179 Aetna Health of Illinois (HMO, POS)
82.2 Yes IL, IN
180 Presbyterian Health Plan (HMO, POS)
82.2 Yes NM
181 Health Net of California (HMO, POS)
82.1 Yes CA
182 AmeriHealth HMO - Pennsylvania (HMO, POS)
82.0 Yes DE, MD, NJ, PA
81.9 Yes MO
184 Aetna Health - Arizona (HMO, POS)
81.9 Yes AZ, NV
185 Humana Health Plan (HMO)
81.8 Yes KS, MO
186 Blue Shield of California (HMO, POS)
81.7 Yes CA
187 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (HMO)
81.7 Yes TX
188 WellChoice HMO of New Jersey (HMO)
81.5 Yes NJ
189 Humana Medical Plan (HMO, POS)
81.4 Yes FL
190 Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana (HMO)
81.0 Yes LA
191 CIGNA HealthCare of California (HMO, POS)
80.8 Yes CA
192 Aetna Health of California (HMO, POS)
80.8 Yes CA
193 UnitedHealthcare of Illinois (HMO)
80.7 Yes IL, IN
194 UnitedHealthcare of Louisiana (HMO, POS)
80.5 Yes LA
195 Blue Cross of California (HMO, POS)
80.4 Yes CA
196 Lovelace Sandia Health System (HMO, POS)
80.3 Yes NM
197 UnitedHealthcare of Arkansas (HMO, POS)
79.7 Yes AR
198 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Corpus Christi) (HMO)
79.7 Yes TX
199 UNICARE Health Plans of the Midwest (HMO)
79.4 Yes IL, IN
200 HMO New Mexico (HMO)
79.1 Yes NM
201 Saint Mary's HealthFirst (HMO, POS)
78.4 Yes NV
202 UnitedHealthcare of Alabama (HMO, POS)
78.3 Yes AL
203 Humana Health Plan of Texas (Houston) (HMO)
77.2 Yes TX
204 Humana Health Plan (HMO)
76.4 Yes IL, IN
205 UnitedHealthcare of Mississippi (HMO, POS)
76.4 Yes MS
206 HMO Illinois and Blue Advantage HMO (HMO)
76.2 Yes IL, IN
207 PacifiCare of Nevada (HMO)
75.9 Yes NV
208 Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire (HMO)
75.6 No WI
209 Health Plan of Nevada (HMO, POS)
75.4 Yes NV
210 Neighborhood Health Plan (HMO)
74.4 No MA
211 Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan (HMO)
72.5 No WI
212 Federal Plan 87 (HMO, POS)
71.9 No HI
213 Group Health Plan (HMO, POS)
71.8 No IL, MO
214 CIGNA HealthCare of Connecticut (HMO, POS)
71.8 No CT
215 Welborn Health Plans and Health Care Solutions (HMO, POS)
71.7 No IN
216 Mercy Health Plans of Missouri (Southwest) (HMO)
71.3 No MO
217 AultCare Corporation (HMO)
70.6 No OH
218 Rocky Mountain Health Plans (HMO)
70.2 No CO
219 Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation (HMO, POS)
70.1 No WI
220 Coventry Health Care of Delaware (HMO, POS)
69.8 No DE, MD
221 Community Health Plan (HMO, POS)
69.6 No KS, MO
222 CIGNA HealthCare of New York (HMO, POS)
69.0 No NY
223 HMO Colorado (HMO, POS)
68.9 No CO
224 Providence Health Plans - Oregon (HMO, POS)
68.6 No OR, WA
225 Cariten Health Plan (HMO, POS)
68.4 No TN
226 Group Health Options (Alliant) (HMO, POS)
68.3 No ID, WA
227 CIGNA HealthCare of New Jersey (HMO, POS)
68.3 No NJ
228 Carolina Care Plan (HMO, POS)
68.2 No SC
229 Valley Baptist Insurance Company (HMO)
68.2 No TX
230 Altius Health Plans (HMO, POS)
68.1 No UT
231 Coventry Health Care of Kansas (HMO, POS)
67.9 No KS, MO
232 Mercy Health Plan of Missouri (HMO)
67.7 No IL, MO
233 Group Health Options (HMO, POS)
67.3 No ID, WA
234 Mercy Health Plan of Missouri (HMO)
67.3 No TX
235 UnitedHealthcare of New Mexico (HMO, POS)
67.2 No NM
236 UnitedHealthcare of Utah (HMO, POS)
66.2 No UT
237 FIRSTCARE (Waco) (HMO)
66.0 No TX
238 Humana Employers Health of Georgia (HMO, POS)
65.8 No GA
239 Denver Health Medical Plan (HMO)
65.6 No CO
240 FIRSTCARE (Amarillo) (HMO)
65.3 No TX
241 FIRSTCARE (Abilene) (HMO)
64.8 No TX
242 FIRSTCARE (Lubbock) (HMO)
64.6 No TX
243 Humana Health Plan (HMO)
63.6 No AZ
244 Total Health Care (HMO)
62.8 No MI
245 Regence BlueShield (HMO)
60.1 No WA
246 Health Advantage - Arkansas (HMO, POS)
56.0 No AR

The following plans could not be ranked because of insufficient data

ConnectiCare of New York (HMO, POS)
Highmark Blue Shield (POS)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia (POS) (POS)
Molina Healthcare of California Partner Plan (HMO)
Physicians Health Plan of Southwest Michigan (HMO, POS)
Unison Family Health Plan of Pennsylvania (HMO)
Universal Health Care (HMO)
Ventura County Health Care Plan (HMO)

The following plans did not provide data or did not permit data to be made public and are not NCQA-accredited

Aetna Health - Louisiana (HMO)
Aetna Health - Michigan (HMO, POS)
Aetna Health - Ohio (HMO, POS)
Aetna Health - Washington (HMO, POS)
Alameda Alliance for Health (HMO)
Alliant Health Plans (HMO)
Athens Area Health Plan Select (HMO)
Atlantis Health Plan (HMO)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue-Advantage) (HMO)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (HMO)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (HMO)
BlueChoice (POS)
Bluegrass Family Health (HMO, POS)
Chinese Community Health Plan (HMO)
CIGNA HealthCare of Utah (HMO, POS)
Columbia United Providers (HMO)
Community First Health Plans (HMO)
Community Health Plan of Washington (HMO)
Coventry Health Care of Georgia (HMO, POS)
Coventry Health Care of Louisiana (HMO, POS)
Coventry Health Care of Nebraska (HMO, POS)
Cox Health Systems HMO (HMO, POS)
Evergreen Health Plan (HMO, POS)
First Plan of Minnesota (HMO, POS)
FirstCarolinaCare (HMO, POS)
GlobalHealth (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Arizona (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of California (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Colorado (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Florida (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Georgia (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Illinois (HMO)
Great-West Healthcare of Texas (HMO)
Group Health (High) (HMO, POS)
Group Health (Standard) (HMO, POS)
Health Plus of Louisiana (HMO)
Health Tradition Health Plan (HMO)
HealthLink HMO (HMO, POS)
Hometown Health - Nevada (HMO)
HomeTown Health Network (HMO)
Johns Hopkins Healthcare (HMO)
KPS Health Plans (High) (HMO)
KPS Health Plans (Standard) (HMO)
Legacy Health Solutions (HMO)
MDNY Healthcare (HMO, POS)
Molina Healthcare of Utah (HMO)
Molina Healthcare of Washington (HMO)
New West Health Services (HMO)
ODS Healthplans (POS)
PARTNERS National Health Plans of Indiana (HMO, POS)
Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana (HMO, POS)
Preferred Health Systems (HMO, POS)
PreferredOne Community Health Plan (POS)
QualChoice of Arkansas (HMO)
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah (HMO)
SIMNSA Health Plan (HMO)
Southeastern Indiana Health Organization (HMO, POS)
UNICARE Health Plans of Texas (HMO, POS)
Universal Care (HMO)
Vantage Health Plan (HMO)
Vista Healthplan (HMO, POS)
Vista Healthplan of South Florida (HMO)
WellPath Select (HMO, POS)
WINhealth Partners (HMO)

I = insufficient data; NA = not applicable; NR = not reported

Accreditation status is as of August 31, 2006.

Source: National Committee for Quality Assurance

Note: In an HMO, primary-care physicians supply basic care and refer members to a network of specialists. Members pay out of pocket for care received outside the network. In a POS plan, the plan pays part of the cost of out-of-network care. Apparent ties are due to rounding.




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