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Command and Conquer

Utterly absorbing & compelling war game
Command and Conquer is one of those game concepts that defies technology. The graphics are small and well-animated, but nothing spectacular and the sound is well below average. So why is Command and Conquer worthy of a score that puts it up there with AM2's finest games? It's simple - C&C; thrives on deceptively simple gameplay. You can achieve so much with so little effort it that becomes a joy to play. Taking control of entire battallions and setting up individual commands for individual soldiers is as easy as massing a crack attack force and sending them off to crush the enemy once and for all. This is all made even easier by the inclusion of some excellent artificial intelligence. If your soldiers are attacked and you're busy elsewhere, your troops think for themselves, retaliating or running depending on their strength. That self-same AI is also responsible for some excellent and involving battles with the CPU-controlled enemy forces. There are missions which you'll spend days getting a handle on. Westwood have spent a huge amount of time devising every aspect of the missions in the game - even the earlier, simpler assignments are classy whilst the latter tasks are masterpieces of gaming design. That's something extremely rare to behold on a videogame created outside of Japan these days.



A link-up option would have firmly put this up in the leagues of NiGHTS and Virtua Fighter 2 as ultimate software which MUST be owned. As it is, Command and Conquer isn't far off this realm of excellence. Which certainly isn't bad for a game you could do on the Mega-CD�


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