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Intellix provides intuitive software products that allow best practices to be captured, distributed and automated throughout entire organisations. Intellix solutions are
today used within the financial and the process industries as expertise automation solutions that ensure employees easy and timely access to expert knowledge and up-to-date business procedures.
New Generation of Intellix Products

>> Intellix prepares to launch new minor product versions
August 31st 2007. Intellix is preparing to launch new versions of their award winning Expertise Automation software. It is expected that new minor versions of both Intellix Expertise Server and Intellix Designer will be launched shortly.

Amongst the new features will be full Windows Vista support for the Intellix Designer and improved support for XML.NET-based web services in the Intellix Expertise Server, as well as a series of minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

>> Intellix choosen for major Health Care project
August 27rd 2007. The SIMEHealth Project – A Internet based Health Profile and Early Warning Service, which Intellix was chosen to participate in, start Clinical tests in September.

People will, through a tiny hand held device be able to test themselves and connected online to a server, receive continous information about their health and early warning for diseases. In a blood sample of 50 microliter is it possible to verify a large number of specific health issues and diseases.

The data is analysed by Intellix’ software and information is sent out in four different information levels:

  • Special Knowledge to experts at the hospital
  • General medico scientific information to the patients doctor
  • Health information to the patient
  • Education about the disease for the relatives of the patient

The Project will be finished in 2010 and will thereafter be marketed world-wide. Read more

>> Jyske Bank launces second Intellix-based solution
September 21st 2006. Today Jyske Bank launched their second Intellix-based Expertise Automation solution. This solution is an advanced platform for selling complex financial instruments and derivatives to small and medium sized business clients. The solution is a major part of Jyske Banks 400 million DKK (approx 55M euro) revamp of their branches and product offerings. More information on Jyske Banks Intellix-based product (in Danish only): here

>> Jyske Bank upgrades to Intellix Expertise Server 3.0
Jyske Bank, the third largest bank in Denmark, launched their latest Expertise Automation solution on June 1st, 2006. Their Investment Advisor – originally implemented in cooperation with Intellix in 2001 – has been updated to the latest version of the award winning Intellix software. This updated version of the Investment Advisor is targeted at Jyske Banks high net worth/private banking clients and utilizes Intellix' multi-language features to deliver the solution in several languages including Danish, English and Polish to customer advisors across Europe. Jyske Bank is already working on several other Intellix-based Expertise Automation solutions. The next is expected to be launched in Q3 2006.

>> Leading Icelandic non-life Insurance Company selects Intellix software
Reykjavik, March 15, 2006. Intellix announced today the successful completion of installations of its award winning knowledge solutions at Vördur hf, one of the leading non-life Insurance companies in Iceland. Vördur will initially utilize Intellix software for capturing best practice with regards to Insurance sales and implement this practice all over the organisation, ensuring timely and high quality service to its clients 24/7.

>> Intellix in Iceland
December 2005, Earlier this month Intellix began operations in Iceland. A wholly-owned subsidiary Intellix ehf. has been founded and the first projects will be completed by Q1 2006. Intellix ehf. focuses on strong Icelandic values such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation and will in the beginning be targeting the Financial Services Industry as well as the Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors.

>> Intellix releases Expertise Server 3.1
Today, September 14, 2005, Intellix announced the commercial availability of version 3.1 of the company's server product. Major new features include the availability of .NET based run-time interfaces allowing for easier integration to back- and front-end systems.

>> Intellix Solutions to provide services to the Travel Industry
Intellix subsidiary Intellix Solutions begins providing services to the Travel Industry. An intelligent online tool to help customers find the perfect destination and hotel will be available to major travel agencies. The system will enable personal travel counselling on the internet based on experienced travel agents expertise.

>> Intellix Releases updated range of Expertise Automation products
Today, March 26, 2004, Intellix announced the release of the Intellix Designer 5.0, the Intellix Expertise Server 3.0 and the Intellix Management Console 3.0. A number of major improvements and new features are included in today's release. Intellix Designer 5.0 improvements are designed to make it quicker and easier to build Expertise Automation solutions. The release also includes major improvements in the areas of knowledge modeling, workflow visualization and control, business integration and testing….

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