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Mon, Jul 09, 2007
Tir 18 1386
Jamadiol-Sani 24 1428

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Asian Crown for Iranian Wrestlers
TEHRAN, July 8--National freestyle youth wrestling team became the Asian champion.
On the final day of wrestling competitions held in Manila in Philippines, Iranian wrestlers Saeed Dadashpour (66 kg), Iman Mohammadian (74 kg), Ali Rajabzadeh (84 kg), Komeil Qasemi (96 kg) and Mohsen Yazdian (120 kg) won gold medals, ISNA reported.
This is while Bijan Kurdi (50 kg) and Aref Alizadeh (55 kg) won bronze medals.
Iran ranked as the top Asian team, with Mongolia second and Japan third.

US Flouted Int’l Laws
By Kidnapping Diplomats
Mohammad Ali Hosseini
TEHRAN, July 8--Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said the five Iranian diplomats abducted in Iraq by the US forces have complained the US flouted international laws by kidnapping them.
Hosseini was speaking to domestic and foreign reporters on Sunday while pointing to the first consular meeting of Iran’s Ambassador in Baghdad Hassan Kazemi-Qomi on Saturday with the detained diplomats, IRNA reported.
“The five Iranian diplomats have complained that international regulations are not being observed and they were given the least facilities,“ he said.
“The Iranian diplomats called for a meeting with their families, and termed the US allegations against them as unfounded and biased.“
Hosseini thanked Iraqi officials and the International Committee of the Red Cross for their efforts to hold the consular meeting and called on them to secure the release of the detainees.
He described as “necessary but not sufficient“ the US measure on preparing the ground for the consular visit, saying it took place after six months of procrastination.
Kazemi-Qomi on Saturday described the meeting as a step forward.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Hosseini said the July 11 visit by the IAEA team to Iran is the most important issue concerning nuclear talks.
He told reporters that the team will be led by the IAEA safeguards chief, Olli Heinonen.
The spokesman added that the team will visit Iran to discuss a modality to settle remaining nuclear issues within 60 days.
Hosseini also hoped Russia would fulfill its promises on completion of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant as scheduled.

Nuclear Talks Pursued
On Win-Win Basis
TEHRAN, July 8--A senior official said the US hegemonic policies are continuing in the United Nations Security Council, stressing that Iran’s policy is to continue talks on a win-win basis.
Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, added that the US is continuing to pressure Iran in the international body, IRNA reported.
“Britain is also following the US line and it will be doomed to fail if it does not reconsider its policies,“ he said.
He noted that blind support for the US policies was the main reason for Blair’s failure, noting that if the new British government adopts a realistic approach toward Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, the situation will change.
“Iran’s policy in recent months is to continue negotiations based on a win-win approach and within the rules and framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),“ he said.
The official pointed out that the process of talks between Europe’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana and Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani has prevented the Security Council from issuing further resolutions against Iran.
“The time-out plan shows that western countries have approved of the nature of Iran’s nuclear rights and that they are ready to break the nuclear impasse,“ he said.Boroujerdi referred to the recent talks as positive and said negotiation is the best way to solve the remaining issues.
“Lobbying with the IAEA on the one hand and talks with Europe’s Solana on the other have created a positive atmosphere for both sides to solve the problem,“ he said.

Foreign Companies Keen on Developing Gas Fields
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WB: Iran’s Economic Indices Improving
TEHRAN, July 8--A report released by World Bank economists showed ten economic indices have improved in Iran in the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2007).
The report named “Economic Development and Perspective of Middle East and North Africa in 2007“ was released in June, Fars reported.
The report is the third of its type that studies economic conditions in 12 regional countries, including Iran, by focusing on their markets in 2006.
The ten indices include rise in production growth rate, improvement in per capita production, reduction of inflation and unemployment rates, improvement in working environment, rise in foreign direct investment and governmental credits as well as rise in hard currency reserves and tourist revenues.
According to the World Bank, given the rise in oil prices and revenues, oil-producing regional states are less inclined toward infrastructural improvements.
“Iran, Qatar and Algeria are the only three Middle East countries that are willing to reform their economic structures, despite the boom in oil sector,“ said the report.

Private Sector Ready to Import Gasoline
TEHRAN, July 8--A trade official said on Sunday the private sector is ready to import gasoline.
Speaking in the his first press conference after his election as head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM), Mohammad Nahavandian added that if the private sector imports gasoline it will give rise to incentives for investing in building oil refineries, Fars reported.
Noting that everyone emphasizes on improving gasoline consumption model, he pointed out that rectifying the gasoline consumption pattern requires long-term planning.
Asked about reduction of banking facilities, he responded that producers and industrialists will benefit more from such a reduction. “However, since the banks have to reduce their profit rates, people will not be happy with it,“ he said.
Commenting on economic sanctions imposed by the West on Iran, Nahavandian noted that such sanctions are not effective.
“The main purpose of economic sanctions is to stage a psychological war against us,“ he said.
Commenting on the possibility of launching a joint Iran-US chamber, Nahavandian opined that prevailing restrictions should be removed and the two countries should have a suitable level of cooperation.
“Iran Chamber of Commerce is aiming to increase Iran’s presence in international markets,“ he said.
Referring to changing foreign exchange transactions from the US dollar to euro, Nahavandian noted that this decision eliminates the burden of domestic inflation on exporters.

Majlis Candidates Should Resign
As of July 12
TEHRAN, July 8--Interior Ministry’s Elections Department announced Majlis candidates should submit their resignations as of July 12.
The statement released by the Interior Ministry noted that registration of Majlis candidates begins on January 5, 2008, and ends on March 14, 2008, ISNA reported.
People will cast their votes on March 14, 2008.
According to Note 2 of Article 29 of Election Law, the official letter showing acceptance of resignation and not having another profession is necessary.
Majlis candidates should have the following qualifications:
1. Having faith in Islam and Islamic Republic’s system,
2. Having Iranian nationality,
3. Believing in the constitution and the principle of supreme jurisprudence,
4. Having a master’s degree or equivalent,
5. Not having a bad reputation in their constituency,
6. Being healthy, including good seeing, hearing and speaking abilities.
7. Being at least 30 years of age and at most 75 years.
Note 1: Religious minorities are exempt from having faith in Islam,
Note 2: If the candidates have at least five years’ experience in executive affairs in public or private sector, they can also be considered as equivalent of bachelor’s degree.
Note 3: Each term in office as lawmaker is equal to a university degree.

23 Iraqi Army Recruits Killed
BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 8--A suicide truck bomber killed 23 new Iraqi army recruits when he rammed into their vehicle south of Baghdad on Sunday, police said, a day after a huge truck bomb killed 150 people in the north of the country.
Police and army officials said the bomber drove into a truck carrying the Sunni Arab recruits to Baghdad just after they had joined the army in western Anbar province, Reuters reported.
They said 27 recruits were wounded in the attack near the town of Haswa.
Sunni Arab tribal leaders in Anbar have rounded up thousands of men to join local security forces to fight Sunni Al-Qaeda, partly in anger over the militant group’s indiscriminate killing of civilians and harsh interpretation of Islam.
Two car bombs killed eight people in Baghdad, police added.
In the northern Shiite town of Tuz Khurmato, police and residents used heavy machines and shovels to search for more bodies under the rubble of nearly 100 shops and homes in the wake of Saturday’s massive truck bomb blast.
Across the town, relatives mourned and buried their dead.
“I can’t comprehend what has happened. My entire family was killed in one moment,“ said Abbas Kadhim, who told Reuters the blast leveled his house, killing his wife, his two sons aged 6 and 8, his parents and also a brother.
“There is no value left in my life ... I have asked God why I didn’t just die with them so I wouldn’t have to go through this torture.“
The death toll of 150 made it the second deadliest insurgent bombing in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003. In March, a truck bomb attack also blamed on Al-Qaeda killed 152 people in the northern town of Tal Afar.
The surge in bombings comes despite a major US and Iraqi military offensive that has focused largely on Baghdad and the beltways around the capital, where US commanders believe a lot of car bombs are put together.
The offensive has driven many militants out of Baghdad to areas where the troop presence is not as heavy.
US officials blame most big car bombings on Al-Qaeda, which they say is trying to trigger civil war between Iraq’s majority Shiites and minority Sunni Arabs.
The suicide truck bomber struck the new Iraqi soldiers only hours after they had signed up in the town of Falluja, once a hotbed of the Sunni Arab insurgency.
Like other towns in Anbar, violence has dropped in Fallujah since tribal elders last year turned against Al-Qaeda, which once had a tight grip on the mainly Sunni Arab province.
That has forced many Al-Qaeda militants out of Anbar, but others have fought back, sparking a bloody power struggle in the vast desert province.

Israel Launches
Persian Website
TEL AVIV, Occupied Palestine, July 8--Israel’s Foreign Ministry has launched a Persian website on Sunday to release tampered news and deceive the Iranian public opinion.
The new website will be inaugurated on July 9, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s website reported.
Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the ministry’s director general, Aharon Abramovitch, will both attend the ceremony.
The inaugural ceremony will mark the end of a process that took nearly a year to complete.
The project was initiated by Zion Evroni, Israel’s ambassador in Dublin, in his previous position as head of the Political Planning Division.
The website is managed by the Arabic Communications Department of the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Media Division.
Israel’s attempts to tamper news have been criticized by the international media and its plan to launch the website ignores the vigilance of Iranians.

250 Fatah Prisoners to Be Released
BEIT-UL-MOQADDAS, July 8--Israel’s cabinet on Sunday approved the release of 250 Fatah prisoners in a move to boost Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s struggle for authority with Hamas.
All but seven ministers voted for releasing security prisoners held in Israeli jails who had not been involved in killing Israelis, QODSNA reported.
Ministers Shaul Mofaz, Yitzhak Aharonovich and all of Shas’ four ministers opposed the proposal. Avigdor Lieberman, the strategic threats minister, was absent during the vote.
At the opening of the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stressed that the prisoners’ release would serve as a goodwill gesture toward Abbas.
“We should make this gesture in order to make every effort to encourage and support the moderate Palestinians, including Abu Mazen, and create the initial conditions for negotiations,“ Olmert said.
The Zionist regime’s premier noted that he was convinced the prisoners’ release could facilitate the freeing of kidnapped Israeli soldiers.
Israel currently holds more than 11,000 Palestinian prisoners, just over half of them having been convicted of an offence and more than 800 of them being held without charges.
After the Fatah-supported emergency government took office, the Zionist regime released taxes it withheld and boosted ties with the new West Bank government.