All-Time Draft Choices

1a (4)Ogden, Jonathan (OL) UCLA
1b (26)Lewis, Ray (LB) Miami (Fla.), Choice from SF along with 49ers 1995 1st, 3rd and 4th-(from KC) round picks for Cle. 1995 1st-round pick (obtained from Atl. for RB Eric Metcalf and Cle. original 1995 1st-round pick)
2aChoice to TB for TE Harold Bishop
2b (55)Jenkins, DeRon (CB) Tennessee, choice from Den.for 1996 3rd, 4th and 7th-round picks
3Choice to Den
4Choice to Den.
5aChoice to NO for DB Reginald Jones
5b (153)Lewis, Jermaine (WR) Maryland, choice from Atl. for G Gene Williams
5cChoice (obtained from Phi. to Dal. for 1997 4th-round pick)
6a (172)Daniels, Dexter (LB) Florida
6b (186)Roe, James (WR) Norfolk State, Choice from Jax. (supplemental) along with Jaguars' 1995 5th-round pick for Cle. 1995 4th-round pick
7aChoice to Den.
7b (238)Stark, Jon (QB) Trinity International (Ill.), choice from Phi. for DL Ronnie Dixon
1 (4)Boulware, Peter (LB) Florida State
2a (34)Sharper, Jamie (LB) Virginia
2b (58)Herring, Kim (S) Penn State, choice from Den. for T Tony Jones
3 (64)Graham, Jay (RB) Tennessee
4aChoice to Atl. through Sea. for G Jeff Blackshear
4b (118)McCloud, Tyrus (LB) Louisville, choice from Dal. for 1996 5th-round pick (obtained from Phi.)
5 (134)Mitchell, Jeff (C) Florida
6a (167)Lee, Steve (FB) Indiana
6b (194)Brown, Cornell (LB) Virginia Tech, compensatory
7a (205)Ward, Chris (DE) Kentucky
7b (234)Richardson, Wally (QB) Penn State, compensatory
7c (236)Staten, Ralph (S) Alabama, compensatory
7d (238)Taylor, Leland (DT) Louisville, compensatory
1 (10)Starks, Duane (CB) Miami (Fla.)
2 (42)Johnson, Patrick (WR) Oregon
3Choice along with 1998 4th-round pick to Ind. for QB Jim Harbaugh and Colts 1998 4th-round pick
4aChoice (from Ind.) to Ind. for 1998 4th, 5th and 6th-round picks
4bTo TB for 1999 3rd-round pick
5a (124)(from Ind.) Chase, Martin (DT) Oklahoma
5b (133)Sutter, Ryan (S) Colorado
6a (154)(from Ind.) Rogers, Ron (LB) Georgia Tech
6b (164)Williams, Sammy (OT) Oklahoma
7aChoice to Atl. through Pit. for OL Bernard Dafney
7b (241)Quayle, Cam (TE) Weber State, compensatory
1 (10)McAlister, Chris (CB) Arizona
2Choice to Atl. for Atl. 2000 1st-round pick
3Choice to Det. along with conditional 2000 5th-round pick for QB Scott Mitchell
4a (105)Stokley, Brandon (WR) SW Louisiana
4b (129)Mulitalo, Edwin (OL) Arizona
5Choice to STL along with 2000 7th-round pick for QB Tony Banks
6aChoice to NE for TE Lovett Purnell
6bChoice (from TB) to Min. for OL Everett Lindsay
7 (216)Poindexter, Anthony (S) Virginia
1a (5)Lewis, Jamal (RB) Tennessee (pick acquired from Atl. for a 1999 2nd-round choice)
1b (10)Taylor, Travis (WR) Florida
3 (75)Redman, Chris (QB) Louisville
5 (148)Mercier, Richard (OL) Miami (Fla.)
6a (186)Thomas, Adalius (DE) Southern Mississippi
6b (191)Woodard, Cedric (DT) Texas
1 (31)Heap, Todd (TE) Arizona State
2 (62)Baxter, Gary (DB) Baylor
3 (92)Rabach, Casey (C/G) Wisconsin
4 (126)Hartwell, Edgerton (LB) Western Illinois
5 (161)Barnes, Chris (RB) New Mexico State
6 (194)Maese, Joe (LS) New Mexico
7 (231)Missouri, Dwayne (DE) Northwestern
1 (24)Reed, Ed (S) Miami (Fla.)
2 (52)Weaver, Anthony (DL) Notre Dame
3Choice to Den. for 4th-and 5th-round picks (Ravens had traded their 5th to Washington to draft Anthony Weaver)
4a (112)Zastudil, Dave (P) Ohio
4b (123)Johnson, Ron (WR) Minnesota
5 (155)Jones, Terry (TE) Alabama
6a (195)Brightful, Lamont (DB) Eastern Washington
6b (206)Hunter, Javin (WR) Notre Dame
6c (207)Taylor, Chester (RB) Toledo
6d (209)Williams, Chad (S) Southern Mississippi
7 (236)Pate, Wes (QB) Stephen F. Austin
1a (10)Suggs, Terrell (LB) Arizona State
1b (19)Boller, Kyle (QB) California
2Choice to NE with 2004 1st-round pick for NE's 2003 1st-round pick (19th/Boller)
3 (77)Smith, Musa (RB) Georgia
4a (109)Johnson, Jarret (DE) Alabama
4b (134)Mughelli, Ovie (FB) Wake Forest, compensatory
5a (146)Franklin, Aubrayo (DT) Tennessee
5b (173)Pashos, Tony (T) Illinois, compensatory
6 (182)Sapp, Gerome (S) Notre Dame
7a (223)Smith, Trent (TE) Oklahoma
7b (250)Mabry, Mike (C) Central Florida, compensatory
7c (258)Sanders, Antwoine (S) Utah, compensatory
1Traded pick to NE for Pats 2003 1st-round selection (19th overall) for (QB) Kyle Boller
2 (51)Edwards, Dwan (DT) Oregon State
3 (82)Darling, Devard (WR) Washington State
4Traded pick to Jacksonville for WR Kevin Johnson
5 (153)Green, Roderick (OLB) Central Missouri State
6a (187)Harris, Josh (QB) Bowling Green
6b (199)Moore, Clarence (WR) Northern Arizona
7a (244)Abney, Derek (WR/RS) Kentucky, compensatory
7b (246)Rimpf, Brian (G) East Carolina, compensatory
1 (22)Clayton, Mark (WR) Oklahoma
2a (53)Cody, Dan (OLB) Oklahoma
2b (64)Terry, Adam (T) Syracuse, choice obtained in a trade with NE in exchange for Ravens 3rd (84) and 6th-round (195) in 2005 and a 3rd-round selection in 2006
4 (124)Brown, Jason (OL) North Carolina
5 (158)Green, Justin (FB) Montana
6 (213)Anderson, Derek (QB) Oregon State, compensatory
7 (234)Smith, Mike (LB) Texas Tech
1 (12)Ngata, Etuini "Haloti" (DT) Oregon, choice obtained in a trade with Cle. for 1st (13) and 6th-round (181) selections in 2006
2 (56)Chester, Chris (C/G) Oklahoma, choice obtained in a trade with NYG for Ravens 2nd-round (44) selection in 2006
3 (87)Pittman, David (CB) Northwestern State, choice obtained in a trade with NYG for Ravens 2nd-round (44) selection in 2006
4a (111)Williams, Demetrius (WR) Oregon
4b(132)Daniels, P.J. (RB) Georgia Tech, compensatory
5a (146)Landry, Dawan (S) Georgia Tech
5b (166)Sypniewski, Quinn (TE) Colorado, compensatory
6a (203)Koch, Sam (P/K) Nebraska, compensatory;
6b (208)Martin, Derrick (CB) Wyoming, compensatory
7 (219)LaCasse, Ryan (LB/DE) Syracuse