Archive - May 10, 2001
May 10, 2001
Paying the Toll
This week, Insight presents Paying
the Toll
- an examination of the
real cost of tollways in our major

Insight reporter Inga Johansen
investigates Government contracts
which enable big business to build,
own and operate tollways at reduced
risk. Insight looks at one man’s
challenge against Transurban, which
owns and operates Melbourne’s massive
City Link project.

Supporters of private tollways say the
private sector is more efficient than
government, which can no longer afford
to fund major infrastructure.
Transurban’s Kim Edwards says: "The
major projects simply would not be
built without the private sector".

But to the detractors, private
tollways represent a sell-out and
dictate transport policy well into the
future. Paul Mees, a lecturer in Urban
Affairs at Melbourne University says
about City Link: "I’m most concerned
about the provisions that restrict
future Governments from adopting
measures to encourage people to use
public transport.

"We’re talking about something that
doesn’t expire until 2034. You can be
sure that by 2034 there will be no oil
left anywhere in Australia and
probably little else in the world."

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Paying the Toll Debate
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Soccer Backgrounder
Soccer Hooliganism - old ethnic
hatreds or should the National Soccer
League shoulder some of the blame...
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Soccer Interview - Labbozzetta
Interview with Tony Labbozzetta, the
Chair of Soccer Australia and the
National Soccer League.
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