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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Uncommonly Dense just keeps getting denser

I have often felt that Uncommon Descent just cannot sink any lower, only to find myself amazed every time. For now, let us assume that the latest series of dense posts take the cake, until the ID-iots make us laugh yet again with even worse imbecile claims or outrageous lies.

The winner of the IDURC Casey Luskin Graduate Award has been announced at UD, and aren't you all just waiting to know who this particular retarded ID-iot is? Here's what the ID-iots say:

The recipient of the 2007 Casey Luskin Graduate Award will remain anonymous for the protection of the recipient. The many students, professors, and scientists who have been denied degrees or tenure, and removed from positions and jobs for no other reason than acceptance of—or even sympathy to—intelligent design theory is very telling of the importance of keeping these bright young minds out of the crosshairs of those opposed to open-minded investigation and critical thought.

Anonymous for the protection of the recipient? People being hopelessly persecuted due to a mere acceptance of ID? Despite lacking a single shred of evidence for their outrageous claims, the ID-iots keep deluding themselves that there is a Darwinian Inquisition out to get and kill them. It sure fuels their Jesus martyr complex, doesn't it?

Anyway, my equally anonymous source tells me that the 'anonymous' winner is Hannah Maxson. I figured she could use a little extra publicity.

What would Uncommonly Dense be without the usual antics of its' IDiot-in-chief, William Dembski (or better known here as BillDumb)? He responds to Jerry Coyne about Behe's refusal to publish in scientific journals with the usual level of stupidity expected of the great BillDumb.

If Behe's theory is so world-shaking, and so indubitably correct, why doesn't he submit it to some scientific journals? (The reason is obvious, of course: his theory is flat wrong.)

Let me suggest another reason: Coyne is wrong and doesn't want Behe upsetting his applecart.

This statement doesn't make sense at all. Coyne is actually inviting Behe to publish in a peer-reviewed journal, not sending the so-called Darwinian Inquisition after him. Coyne is issuing an invitation with open arms, so how does Dembski attribute that to fear of being proven wrong on Coyne's part? Dembski seems to have overly rehearsed his stock phrases, and now uses it at every opportunity without actually addressing the question itself. ID-iot.

Next comes Sal Cordova with his attempt to rebut Dawkins' review of Behe's junk of a book. He makes this claim:

Deliberate dog breeding is an example of intelligently designed selection, not natural selection...

Intelligently designed selection? What the fuck?!

If dog breeding is "intelligent design" as opposed to "artificial selection", new traits could arise in a generation of dogs that are not a result of mutations. What this means is that a dog could suddenly produce offspring with particular trait better suited for a certain environment despite the fact that the instructions that lay out the preference for that trait were not genetically coded. The ID-iots strike out again.

All I see over at UD are the ghosts of extinct dodos. And that's really putting it mildly.


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    • You had to expose that girl's name, did you? Some people would do anything for a little extra publicity.

      By Anonymous, At 5:00 AM  

    • Uh, wouldn't the girl want publicity after winning that 'prestigious' award? You must be another IDiot.

      By Allen Convenient, At 5:14 AM  

    • I'm with Shalini on this one.

      By drew skidmore, At 10:02 AM  

    • Anonymous, I don't think this would be a problem at all. The girl received an award, for goodness' sake! What has this got to do with extra publicity or otherwise?

      By Jessica Pravez, At 10:07 AM  

    • If they're keeping the winner anonymous, wouldn't it kind of prevent people from looking at and evaluating whatever research won the award?

      Oh, wait, what research?

      By Bronze Dog, At 10:12 AM  

    • Exactly. What research?

      By Allen Convenient, At 10:14 AM  

    • [If they're keeping the winner anonymous, wouldn't it kind of prevent people from looking at and evaluating whatever research won the award?]

      That's why I am the annonymous source that exposed the winner's name to the blog author. Publicity for the winner, you go girl!

      By Anonymous, At 10:18 AM  

    • Another thing:

      [The recipient will receive a certificate of achievement, a $100 award, and an autographed copy of Dr. Michael J. Behe’s newest book, The Edge of Evolution: the Search for the Limits of Darwinism.]

      Has the ID camp really gone bankrupt this time?

      By Anonymous, At 10:19 AM  

    • To anonymous#1:

      Thank you for verifying that shalini got the right person.

      Good work. IDiot.


      By Techskeptic, At 7:23 PM  

    • Exactly. LOL!

      By Shalini, At 11:00 PM  

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