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Perfect Dark: Source beta released

Not only did I purchase an Xbox 360 on launch day, but I also thought it would be a good idea to purchase Perfect Dark Zero, too. To give you a good idea of how much I played it, feel free to see how many Perfect Dark Zero achievements I unlocked before I traded the game in to buy Donkey Kong candy at GameStop.

Bottom line is that the game was not awful, but certainly not great. The modding community apparently feels it can do better. Enter the beta release of Perfect Dark: Source, "the result of a common passion" and "the concept of this game is the dream of all fanatic players."

Now that we're done smelling daisies and touching one another, I insist someone other than myself installs this and report back with their findings. I'll wait here.

[Thanks, Adam!] 

    There are 12 comments about this post:
    neiltc13's Destructoid Blog
    I am of the opinion that Perfect Dark Zero is Xbox 360's finest game. I've played it more than any other and I'm yet to find a game that can tear me away from its truly excellent multiplayer mode.

    A brilliant shooter that should not be missed by anyone.

    miilovewii's Destructoid Blog
    downloading right now

    Mabec's Destructoid Blog
    Is it better then the 007-mod?

    Nick Brutal Chester's Destructoid Blog

    I have been tempted to pick it up on the cheap and try it again. I didn't quite give it the chance I should have, I think.

    Maclintok's Destructoid Blog
    I picked PDZ at platinum price (~$30) thinking "how could I go wrong?". Well, I did go wrong and I'm more bummed out that I will probably have a hard time trading this thing back in for anything substantial.

    The feel of an FPS is pretty key and this game gets the "feel" all wrong, top to bottom.

    BahamutZero (Ranked Naked Kittens)'s Destructoid Blog
    That donkey candy is the best

    Churchhills Dog's Destructoid Blog
    dullest. video. ever.

    Churchhills Dog's Destructoid Blog
    k. Downloaded and installed the mod. Great weapon models, sounds and character models. The maps solid. All this goodness is undercut by the slow-and-awkward movement speed. I imagine they're trying to emulate the speed of the 360 multiplayer but while that was fun on the PC it's annoying.

    it's obvious they are early in the building of this mod and so far it's excellent for the most part. They just need to tweak the movement before they go any further.

    Rezbit's Destructoid Blog
    I disagree, the game was awful! It was awful when it came out, and it is even more awful now so many other Shooters are out that absolutely pants it.

    AngelicLiver's Destructoid Blog
    For starters I think they're trying to replicate the N64 Perfect Dark experience rather then go anywhere near PDZ. I like the mod, fair enough it's REALLY buggy but the maps are polished, the weapons are almost there and it has the right direction.

    Stop comparing this to the lacklustre PDZ, I hated that game. :(

    Ezruh's Destructoid Blog
    omgz cool

    Founder's Destructoid Blog
    This game is amazing. It's better than PDZ. Most of the servers are laggy though, that's my only complaint. I've had the textures drop a couple times, but it hasn't caused any deaths.

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