Indian Armoured Corps [British India]
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Indian Armoured Corps
(British) India  
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1941.05.01 Indian Armoured Corps
formed with HQ at Ferozepore to administer existing armoured units
1947.08 assets and personnel divided at national partition in a theoretical 2:1 ratio between the Indian Armoured Corps and the Pakistan Armoured Corps (but all training establishments were located in India)
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HQ and Depot:
    HQ at Ferozepore
Regular Regiments:
The Governor General's Bodyguard [1941-1947]
Skinner's Horse (1st Duke of York's Own Cavalry) [1941-1947]
2nd Royal Lancers (Gardner's Horse) [1941-1947]
3rd Cavalry [1941-1947]
Hodson's Horse (4th Duke of Cambridge's Own Lancers) [1941-1947]
Probyn's Horse (5th King Edward VII's Own Lancers) [1941-1947]
6th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers (Watson's Horse) [1941-1947]
7th Light Cavalry [1941-1947]
8th King George V's Own Light Cavalry [1941-1947]
The Royal Deccan Horse (9th Horse) [1941-1947]
The Guides Cavalry  (10th Queen Victoria's Own Frontier Force) [1941-1947]
Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (11th Frontier Force) [1941-1947]
Sam Browne's Cavalry (12th Frontier Force) [1941-1947]
13th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers [1941-1947]
The Scinde Horse (14th Prince of Wales's Own Cavalry) [1941-1947]
15th Lancers [1941-1947]
16th Light Cavalry [1941-1947]
The Poona Horse (17th Queen Victoria's Own Cavalry) [1941-1947]
18th King Edward VII's Own Cavalry [1941-1947]
19th King George V's Own Lancers [1941-1947]
20th Lancers [1941-1947]
Central India Horse (21st King George V's Own Horse) [1941-1947]
42nd Cavalry [1941-1943]
43rd Cavalry [1941-1946]
44th Cavalry [1941-1943]
45th Cavalry [1941-1946]
46th Cavalry [1941-1942]
47th Cavalry [1941-1943]
48th Cavalry [1941-1943]
51st Regiment, IAC [1942-1942]
52nd Regiment, IAC [1942-1942]
53rd Regiment, IAC [1942-1942]
54th Regiment, IAC [1942-1942]
65th Regiment, IAC [1942: dummy regt in Iran for purposes of deception]
66th Regiment, IAC [1942: dummy regt in Iran for purposes of deception]
67th Regiment, IAC [1942: dummy regt in Iran for purposes of deception]
75th Garrison Regiment, IAC [1942-1946]
76th Garrison Regiment, IAC [1942-1946]
Independent Squadrons:
Indian Long Range Squadron [1941-1947]
44 Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron [1944-1946]
100 Independent Light Tank Squadron [1941-1942]
100 Garrison Training Squadron [1943-1945]
101 Independent Light Tank Squadron [1942-1943]
Z Reconnaissance Squadron [1941-1942]
Educational Establishments:
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Note:  Battle honours were awarded to individual regiments of the IAC.
Note: Standards and Guidons were carried by individual regiments of the IAC.
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