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The Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine (PRISM) was established to protect the quality of scientific research, an issue of vital concern to:
  • scientific, medical and other scholarly researchers who advance the cause of knowledge;

  • the institutions that encourage and support them;

  • the publishers who disseminate, archive and ensure the quality control of this research; and

  • the physicians, clinicians, engineers and other intellectual pioneers who put knowledge into action.
What's at risk

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Policies are being proposed that threaten to introduce undue government intervention in science and scholarly publishing, putting at risk the integrity of scientific research by:

  • undermining the peer review process by compromising the viability of non-profit and commercial journals that manage and fund it;

  • opening the door to scientific censorship in the form of selective additions to or omissions from the scientific record;

  • subjecting the scientific record to the uncertainty that comes with changing federal budget priorities and bureaucratic meddling with definitive versions; and

  • introducing duplication and inefficiencies that will divert resources that would otherwise be dedicated to research.
What you can do

We encourage you to use this website to:

  • Learn more about PRISM and what you can do to preserve the integrity of America's scholarly research.
  • Review our PRISM Principles;
  • Learn more about government intervention, the threats to peer review, and other current topics of interest;
  • Endorse the PRISM Principles

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