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Submission Guidelines  

Paper Proposal Guidelines

Submission/publication dates: April submission (publish September), October submission (publish February).

Abstract: About 100, maximum 200 words.

Length: Generally about 1,500 words, maximum 2,000 words.

: Please use a standard word-processing program such as Microsoft Word. PC and Mac versions are both acceptable. You may use italics, boldface, and diacritics, but do not use HTML tags (such as <p> or <i>). It is best to send the review as an email attachment in Microsoft Word.
Please do not cut and paste the review into the body of an email, as formatting may be lost or changed in the e-mail transmission. Also attach image, sound, video files, as applicable.

: For general questions of style, see The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003). For spelling, refer to Webster’s Third New International Dictionary or Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. CAA house style is based on these authorities, with some variations.

The following information must be provided
at the beginning of the review

  1. your name, affiliation, and e-mail address with the total number of words. If you would prefer not to list your e-mail address in your byline, please let the editor know, but do include it in your manuscript
  2. author’s name and title of the paper
  3. digital media to be inserted into online journal, indicate locations within the text and media formats.

Because of the nature of the Web medium and the brief format of these reviews, footnotes and endnotes are discouraged. Instead, please provide the city, publisher, and date in parentheses when citing a book or quoting a text other than the book under review, following the citation. Full names should be provided for people the first time they are mentioned in the text (e.g., Marcel Duchamp, then Duchamp).

If you are reviewing an exhibition or exhibition catalogue, please provide all dates and venues for the exhibition. You may also provide the Internet addresses for any links you would like incorporated in the text (for example, museum, academic, or educational sites).

Media Formats


For photo images, use jpeg format, 800 x 600 pixels maximum.
For graphic images use png format, 800 x 600 pixels maximum.


Use swf or Quicktime format


Use wav or aiff format


Use Quicktime format, 320 x 240 pixels or 360 by 240.
Bitrate: 250 kb/s, file size limit: 6MB

Proposal for Themed Edition Guidelines

Title: Theme title

Proposers: Name/s of proposers

Length: Submit a (max) 300 - 500 word proposal description

Resume: Include a resume for each proposer

Note: Suggest topics, various approaches and perspectives related to the theme that would make for a meaningful discourse.

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