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Cheryl Kosewicz, Pirate Master hopeful, takes own life

By staff writers

July 31, 2007 11:57am

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A WOMAN who appeared on a Channel Ten reality show has died in an apparent suicide after posting a note on MySpace partially blaming the series for the events leading up to her death.

American Cheryl Kosewicz, a 35-year-old deputy district attorney was found dead in her Nevada home from an apparent suicide last week after being the fourth eliminated contestant on the CBS series Pirate Master.

The show, hosted by Australian actor Cameron Daddo, was axed by CBS in the US last week and while it has proved a fizzer for Channel Ten the network is still airing the treasure finding reality show in the graveyard slot of Sunday afternoons.

Kosewicz's death occurred less than two months after her boyfriend, 26-year-old heavy machinery operator Ryan O'Neil also took his own life.

Fans have swamped the MySpace and Facebook pages of the show and the contestants, who have also used the websites to express their shock and grief over the death.

According to her MySpace posting, being part of the Pirate Master series caused problems in their relationship.

'I'm lost'

"Truthfully, I've lost the strong Cheryl and I'm just floating around lost," she wrote in a June 28 comment on the MySpace account of fellow contestant Nessa Nemir.

"And this frik'n show doesn't help because it was such a contention between Ryan and I and plus its not getting good reviews.

"Then I made National Enquirer today so I'm just hitting it big....the hits keep on coming."

She then suggested the pair plan a trip together in August.

On her own MySpace page, Kosewicz wrote: "Through thick and thin my friends, family and co-workers have been there for me.....even when I refused their help and support.

"Thank you so much for the support and love. I will forever and always be thankful. Until we meet again.........."

Another contestant, Joy, wrote on her MySpace blog: "Cheryl I am hurting.....hurting so bad because there was so much more I wanted to tell you and do with you.

"I will always remember our laughs, our cries, and every single moment I will cherish it always."

She had written that she was using the site "to keep into contact with the dear friends and family of the love of my life Ryan O'Neil whom just recently passed away".


On the official Pirate Master MySpace page, the profile's manager wrote: "My deepest sympathies to Cheryl's family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

"Cheryl, you will be loved and missed by many but never forgotten."

The news of her death was also posted on the show's Facebook page.  "She was a strong woman, a tough competitor and she will be missed," the note on the page read.

Fans left message of shock and condolence on both pages.

Kosewicz was the fourth contestant to be eliminated in the show, filmed in Dominica earlier this year, which pits 16 contestants against each other in an attempt to find hidden treasure.

It is the second suicide involving a production by Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor.

In 2005 American boxer Najai "Nitro" Turpin fatally shot himself after an episode in which he starred in the boxing reality show The Contender aired.

- with The Daily Telegraph

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Cheryl Kosewicz / Images supplied
Mourned ... other contestants have spoken of their grief in postings to MySpace / Images supplied

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