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The Host: The Recommended Daily Allowance is presented by stand-up comedian John Gordillo [More]

Show by Show - Series 1

End of series © BBC

(27 July 2000):
• End of the series
• Phil Nichol wears rabbit costume
• TV producers and the Radio Times

Hats © BBC

(26 July 2000):
• Staff parents' evening
• Phil Nichol reformed by Dalai Lama
• Actress/comedian Rhona Cameron
• Phil Nichol's domino rally

Security guards at Stage Door © BBC

(25 July 2000):
• Security problems at TV Centre
• BBC Information respond to complaint

Ronni Ancona © BBC

(24 July 2000):
• LIVE from East Midlands Today, Nottingham
• Weather with impressionist Ronni Ancona

Huw Edwards - guest of honour © BBC

(20 July 2000):
• Huw Edwards Week - Finale
• Russian Doll focus groups

Daphne and Celeste outside TV Centre © BBC

(19 July 2000):
• Huw Edwards Day 2 (with Daphne & Celeste)
• Paul Foot at the Talent Contest
• The Humber Bridge

Comedian Phil Nichol © BBC

(12 July 2000):
• News in Brief
• Zack's Hairdressing
• Improvised Comedy
• Phil Nichol's newspaper magic

Gaby Roslin/Battle of Britain © BBC

(10 July 2000):
• Gaby Roslin and the Battle of Britain
• Matthew Amroliwala's hair
• French man visits Basingstoke
• What would Paul Coia do?

Appealing to the teenage jewish girl demographic © BBC

(11 July 2000):
• Teenage jewish girls
• Actor Andy Linden
• Loo of the Year Award

Teachers explain playground insults © BBC

(6 July 2000):
• Teacher's guide to playground insults
• BBC safety regulations
• Comedian Paul Foot

Sofa report © BBC

More highlights from week one including:
• Sofa manufacturers in South Wales
• Classic John Motson football commentary

Show by Show - Series 2

East Tower © BBC

(16 April):
• the Newsnight desk
• Faxometer with Jon Morrice
• Guest booker Joanna Hanley
• TV Pregnancy Test

TC2 studio gallery © BBC

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From the first series... (July 2000):
Undercover surveillance of Huw Edwards leaving Television Centre [More]

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