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Clintons and their criminals

Regarding the report that the Clinton camp would check donors for criminal backgrounds:

Whoa. That's going to put a crimp on fundraising.

Exaggeration, you say?

No, the words "fugitive financier" and "Clinton" have frequently appeared in the same headline.

John Galt

Stop the music

Terrorists threaten to kill Britney Spears and Madonna. These don't sound like terrorists to me. They sound more like well-informed music critics.

Scott Robbins

Cut the pix

For openers, let me say what a fan I am of your website and your overall contribution to a world worth living in. Now I must ask why someone deemed it necessary to insert a picture of Brittney Spears kissing Madonna in your article entitled "Terrorists threaten to kill Britney Spears, Madonna." It is no secret how both of these women choose morally reprehensible lifestyles, and it is less of a secret that they did, indeed, kiss each other at some awards show a few years back. Why, then, did WorldNetDaily feel it necessary to included this tripe in the article? We KNOW they kissed – the picture was plastered all over the "news" and Internet for days, if not weeks, after it happened. Really, what was the point of including the picture?

Honestly, I am disappointed that your organization felt it newsworthy to include a photograph of two women sucking each others' tongues. When writing and championing for values and things that matter, please don't be so eager to include photographs of that which degrades our values and promotes things that erode life.

John Frantz

The invisible debate

Joseph Farah, you castigate Mitt, Rudy, John and Fred for having better things to do than participate in the debate you will be hosting. You imply that they are afraid to face the questioners.

I would suggest there's a better reason for skipping that debate. According to WND, the debate will only be carried on Sky Angel, and rebroadcast on the Inspiration (INSP) Network , the DayStar Television Network, God TV and TBN Nejat TV. Who gets those channels? None of them is available from my expanded basic Comcast cable carrier. I suspect that the same is true for a vast majority of TV viewers. If it were carried on Fox News, CNN, NBC or even the basic TBN network, it would probably be worthwhile to participate.

Who wants to spend valuable time in a debate that almost nobody will see?

Bruce Welder

Humble Hunter

While sexy celebrities and media darling candidates suck up all the airtime, Duncan Hunter is the strong, honorable, character-driven true conservative presidential candidate. It appears that a gentleman who says what he means and means what he says without dancing the political two-step isn't stimulating enough for the over-stimulated drive-by media.

Keynote at a Lincoln dinner, Hunter did not give the typical "vote for me because I'm wonderful and will give you stuff" speech. Recently back from Iraq, Hunter's humility, love for his country and respect for our troops compelled him to share enthusiastically numerous stories of bravery and honor by our troops.

Hunter also spoke pridefully and lovingly about his family. Talking about himself almost seemed a chore for Hunter. Most presidential wannabe super-size egos prevent them from speaking about anything else.

Though he is not the flashiest guy in the running, Hunter is obviously a candidate of character, honesty and wisdom. Years ago, he fought for, won and began building the border fence. Like Gary Cooper in the classic movie "High Noon," Hunter stands alone, remaining steadfast and unwavering in his firm commitment to defend our borders. In an ever increasingly dangerous world, with a prayer and Duncan Hunter in the White House, I could sleep well at night.

Lloyd Marcus

A voice for right

Joseph Farah, you wrote:

"I'm through with supporting the lesser of two evils.

"It just doesn't make any difference in the long run.

"If we can't see that after two terms of George W. Bush, then we'll never be able to see it."

That's the very same thing I have been telling friends and family, and any who will listen.

You have a powerful voice for the right … right vs. wrong, not right vs. left, even if it works out to be the same thing.

Thanks, Joseph, for your strong voice.


Petraeus rocks

Gen. David Petraeus is a rock, a gift from God to this backslidden and divided nation. The left has a full-page article in the New York Times calling him "General Betray Us." My suggest to WorldNetDaily is to use "David 'The Rock' Petraeus" every time you have an article on the general.

Petra means rock in Greek. There is a place called Petra where the Jews will find refuge in the End Times. Jesus is the rock.

David Heimbold

Farah for Hillary?

From Joseph Farah's column:

"I strongly suspect those bad, old days will look like the good, old days if, God forbid, Hillary Clinton gets her third term in 2008."

Joseph, you and others, like Ann Coulter, have already announced that there is no way you could or would support Rudy Giuliani for president. Isn't that a de facto vote for Hillary ... or who ever the Democrat candidate will be?


Support Ron Paul – now or never

[To Joseph Farah:] You've taken some strong editorial positions, including regarding presidential candidates, before. We need your leadership this year more than ever.

Remember in 2004 you argued very powerfully: "Don't buy the 'you must vote for the lesser of two evils' bunk" – then at the last minute you weakened, thinking Kerry would just be too much worse than Bush, and supported Bush. Don't fail us this time! You know Ron Paul is the real thing. Even if he only has a snowball's chance, that's still a chance. He's willing to sacrifice so we actually have a rule-of-law/U.S. Constitution candidate to vote for. When will we have this chance again? Will we ever?

Tom Draschil

Flushing out the truth

Very good point by reader Franklin E. Kameny, regardless of the injustice of the Lawrence decision [E-mail to the Editor, Sept. 10]. Nevertheless, as far as Larry Craig's honor and dependability is concerned, it matters not a whit whether he should or should not have been charged. Farah is spot-on in pinpointing the fact that the man lacks either morals or sense, if not both. Whether it should have happened in the first place or not, this issue has flushed the real man out into the open. What's really important here is what it tells us about his electability.

Anthony Rose

Warning: Judgment ahead

For me there is one more chess piece in the Middle East, and that is President Bush and Condoleezza Rice pushing Israel's leaders to give in to Islam and terrorism and give up more land for peace, a false peace.

The Scriptures are so clear, yet neither of them read it – or they just ignore it. I believe Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert will more than likely face the same fate Ariel Sharon did. God says this land is His, and it's not to be sold or given away. God will show Israel and the world who He is soon.

Bush and Rice better repent, for judgment is upon America for their part in dividing Israel. God will see to it.


Destruction for the inside out

[To Joseph Farah:] Thank you for this article. Being a Bible-believing, prophecy-believing Christian, I knew the bottom line reason for the battle of the Mideast was Ishmael's quarrel with Isaac, but I couldn't previously grasp the reasoning for Israel giving away her God-given land.

Israel and the United States have much in common, as each is being destroyed from the inside. The difference is God has his hand on only one of these countries – and it is not the United States of America. Time is so short but I read the back of the Book, and it's a true comfort to know already who wins.


Mutiny needed

Ehud Olmert, like his bride, is a diehard Marxist/Communist, and we know what those people are like and what their goals are. The puzzling thing to me is the why the Israeli Defense Forces just doesn't revolt instead of pledging allegiance to this nut.


Hippie hate mail

Ken Bebensee [E-mail to the Editor, Sept. 10] claims to be a "hippie." For years, folks living a lifestyle unlike the mainstream were called Bohemians; then they were called beatniks. When the Nam war started getting hot and college students wanted to be made to feel better, they were called "hippies." To be hip meant to be smarter than the masses. The rest of us were called "squares," a word changed from being honest and fair to being naive and outdated.

Sticks and stones and words do hurt – the hate mail now addressed to WND proves just that this site is right on target.


Sean Penn: Thinking-challenged

Sean Penn declared, "You can stop taking pictures because I can't think."

Sean, that's not going to help all that much.

John Galt

Gay activist: 'Craig did nothing wrong'

Mr. Farah,

You are making yourself look foolish by nattering on about an obscure constitutional provision relating to congressmen en route to a vote instead of dealing with the substantive situation at hand.

Minnesota courts reformed relevant law on sexual offenses in 2001. Taken with the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, that renders any consensual adult sexual activity as such fully lawful. That can be altered, of course by ancillary circumstances. If the activity occurs or is intended to occur in private, there is no illegality. If it is to occur in public, then under the public indecency laws (however phrased in the Minnesota or Minneapolic legal code) it is not legal.

But under the First Amendment, a solicitation (i.e. a proposal or an invitaton) for a legal act cannot itself be illegal. The solicitor can ask; the solicitee can say "yes" or "no", but the solicitation itself is protected speech. Therefore a proposal for sex, as such, is no crime. In this case, what Craig did amounted to a crude, non-verbal solicitation for sex. No crime. It never got to situs. As one commentator put it: "He was flirting." Flirting is not a crime, wherever done. If he had suggested that they go to a nearby hotel room, then no matter how explicit he might have been as to what was intended to occur, there would have been no crime.

If he had suggested that the sex take place in the open, then there would have been a crime. A Minnesota lawyer tells me that sex in a stall with the door closed is "edgy" under current state law, but is probably legal.

But it never got that far, as to suggesting the location. Craig did nothing illegal and was the victim of a false arrest and a malfeasant prosecution. Had he consulted with a competent attorney, an acquittal would have been easily obtained. I am told that purely procedurally, and as a legal technicality, under existing Minnesota law, reopening of the case will be very difficult, if possible at all. If he can re-open the case, that should be done, and he should then sue both city and state for false arrest and for malfeasant prosecution (however those are addressed in Minnesota law). There just simply was no crime. There just simply was no valid basis for his arrest.

I assume that Craig responded as he did because he himself did not understand the law and thought that he had violated it. That is understandable since virtually every commentator of whom I am aware (except Sen. Arlen Spector) incorrectly assumes that Craig was guilty of a law violation, so why not Craig himself? But he was guilty of nothing illegal in this instance.

Let me make it clear that as a long-time gay activist, who coined the slogan "Gay is good" in 1968, I am no admirer of Larry Craig and hold out no brief for him. He is a self-deluding hypocritical homophobic bigot. But fair is fair. He committed no crime in Minneapolis and should not suffer as if he did.

Franklin E. Kameny, Ph.D.

Pitcher/catcher marriage certificates

If social liberals had their way, instead of man and wife, marriage certificates would indicate "pitcher" or "catcher" and possibly "relief" and "pinch hitter."

Reb Robin

Attack on American hippies

I am offended by the disregard for other Americans' sense of being.

Count the number of attacks of other people in the article by Melanie Morgan, "Burning Man vs. burning pride in America."

Morgan obviously knows very little about the Burning Man event nor the nearly 50,000 people gathering for this festival.

I am a hippie, and I shower daily. I am sure I smell better than she does. I did not take any of the drugs she talked about nor did I do any of the things she whined about. I was one of the few hippies out there, and I don't even have any dread locks. Articles like hers are a disgrace to your publication and American values. There is little truth in her rant, and it is disappointing to see that she uses her books and opportunities in the media to distort perspectives and generate more hate and intolerance in our society.

Ken Bebensee

North Carolina: Friend to illegals

North Carolina's finest. I also heard it rumored that the state was going to start putting driver's licenses in vending machines so that illegal aliens can get one anytime they please.

Fred Perry

Just another Nam

Come on people, the war in the Middle East is another Nam, just in the desert. Do we really think we can end a war that has been, in reality, going on for 1,200 years? They are fighting a civil war over, of all things, who should have followed Muhammad to lead their faith.

When I was growing up in this country, the Protestants and Catholics didn't mix, but we finally grew up.

We can't control the terrorists within our own country. How are we going to control them in a countries who hate us for being the wrong religion in their view?

I served in Nam as an evacuation nurse. That war cost me the loss of friends and loved ones, as well as my own personal problems. The Gulf war left me with a son-in-law in constant pain and suffering from is injuries. Currently I have a foster son and many of my former students serving in our current conflict.

What cost is Bush willing to pay to keep their oil? Is your son or daughter's death worth the price?

Nan Grejtak

U.N. petition

So... this is what it has come to?

Petitioning the U.N., like a powerless serf petitions a lord?

Good luck with that.

John Galt

Mexican take-back: Slow but sure

[To Pat Buchanan:] This North American Union has been in place for more years than anyone seems to understand. I am an American who was raised in Mexico in the 1960s and '70s. I attended school with the children of major political families. Kids being who they are, they cannot be trusted to keep secrets, and they, plus a teacher of mine, also from a major Monterrey family, shared more than once that they would be taking back the U.S. in short order. A short time period being what it is in Mexico, the current situation fits their timetable perfectly.

For 10 years I have tried to sound the alarm, but no one was listening back when something could have been done to save our entire country. Now, vast areas are already lost to Mexico; our family left one such area five years ago. Never have you seen a more patriotic soul, but I am getting tired of fighting, and no one listening.

God bless you, Mr. Buchanan. Keep sounding the alarm on the border war, the one no one in Washington seems to care about. We need a Paul Revere. My heart is broken.

Mrs. Carroll

Roadway to nowhere?

Bush and his idiot advisers deny such a thing as a North American Union. I guess the first driver's licenses for the North American Union permits a person to drive nothing, around nothing, through nothing to a destination that doesn't exist.

You have to watch Bush and his George Orwellian double-speak. He, along with ALL other Republican and Democrat politicians are one sorry excuse for rational human beings.

Don Fahrenkrug

Paul/Buchanan '08

If Ron Paul loses the GOP nomination, I would love to see a Paul/Buchanan '08 independent ticket. Paul's libertarianism and Buchanan's populism would make a very strong ticket and could present a daunting challenge to both the Democrats and whatever RINO the GOP nominates.

Pieter Friedrich

Cut teen beauty a break!

[To Joseph Farah:] My family is behind 99 percent of what you write, and I have 20 years of homeschooling under my belt.

But perhaps this time you were too quick to judge the Miss Teen USA contestant who struggled answering a judge's question.

She proved herself later on the "Today" show with remarkable spunk, willingness to get back on the horse, a coherent answer, humble self humor and a lot of clear, articulate language.

She's only 18 – I think she'll do just fine by and by, and this embarrassing, tongue-tied experience will just make her stronger. (Why else are there blooper reels for professional actors and newsmen? We laugh and give THEM a break! Let's do the same for her.)

If you wanted to have an excuse to rail on our public education system, there are other more legitimate arguments you can make than to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of a ridiculing America and waste a column on a Miss Teen USA.

Claire Muzal

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