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Mozilla browser becomes Firebird

Today the Mozilla organization announced that the new name for their browser would be Firebird.

We at IBPhoenix think that having a browser and a database with the same name in the same space will confuse the market, especially as browsers and databases are often used in the same applications (thank you Lester Caine). What can you do if you too are unhappy about this decision?

First, let other people know. If you have a Firebird related website or newslist, explain the problem or point people to the IBPhoenix site.

Let the Mozilla forums know how you feel. They've already taken some heat in forums on their website. To join that fray, you must register. Check
for the discussion.

You might also send mail to the following people and groups:

Asa Dotzler - he made the announcement and has been defending the Mozilla intellectual property lawyers by saying that no one could confuse a database with a browser.

For more information about the Mozilla organization, look at: