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What is Roaming?

If you use Netscape Communicator 4.5 and above, you can access your full Communicator environment when you are away from the computer you use most often. You may share a computer with other users, you may be using someone else's computer temporarily, or you may work from home on a computer that you want to keep synchronized with your computer at work. With Netscape Roaming, you can check and send email or surf the web from multiple locations, keeping your Communicator experience and information consistent no matter which computer you use.

Once you enable Netscape Roaming, your profile (preferences, bookmarks, address book, security files, and so on) is stored in a central repository on the campus roaming profile server. This is what allows you to use another computer and access your own personalized Communicator environment. Each time you start up, your profile will be retrieved from the server, and each time you quit, it will be transferred back.

If you use Netscape on more than one computer, it is very important that you reconcile your profile information, so that information from your various computer systems is available as you roam.

Netscape Roaming is a service unique to Communicator and is currently not available in any other product. Roaming is available in Communicator version 4.5 and above.